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Review from Nancy Rau
Evo 4g lte user Was great. Now it always sets my appointments to midway island time. I have to manually set to the correct time zone when making every calendar appointment. This didn't start happening until the recent HTC update. Very annoying. Update: Still wrong time zone: central time not central America timezone!


What's New
Ver 1.7.9 (2014/4/23)
. Fixed an issue with not able to Toggle AM/PM for certain regions with certain Android version.
*Special Thanks to LeRoy from USA for helping us solve the mystery.
Ver 1.7.8 (2014-4-17)
. Minor bug fixes.
Ver 1.7.7 (2014-4-7)
. Added function to hide purchased icons. (Please tap the [All icons sets] button in the icon selection screen, the function will be displayed in the upper right corner of the purchased icons list).


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