Glow Icons


What's New
* Changed in v1.4.0
NEW 5 icons : Memo, Shopping, and the other three
* Changed in v1.3.0
NEW 5 icons : Weather, Social, Transfer, Clock, Calculator
Support OS4.2 version : Xperia Z1 SO-01F, Xperia Z1 SOL23. (in Japan)
* Changed in v1.2.0
NEW 5 icons : Game, News, Book, TV, Radio
* Changed in v1.1.0
NEW 5 icons : Calendar, Maps, Navigation, Album, Phone book
* Changed in v1.0.1
Support OS4.1 version : Xperia Z SO-02E, Xperia A SO-04E, Xperia UL SOL22 (in Japan).


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