Shadow of guardian II

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About this game

Shadow of guardian II
It is an RPG that investigates 3D dungeons of wire frames.
Investigate the sources of the atypical creatures and evil eruptions that plague the Kingdom of Bardia and guide them to a solution.

From the center of the Kingdom of Bardia
Galera Valley, far southeast,
The underground labyrinth at the bottom of the valley is the stage for this time.

Atypical creatures and evil eruptions occur
In this dangerous place
Researchers were recruited from home and abroad.

You will be one of them
From the predicament of the Kingdom of Bardia
Please save!

・ ↑ ↓ ← → Button ・ ・ ・ Move the selection cursor. Or move in the labyrinth.
・ A button ・ ・ ・ Confirm. Or move the hierarchy with a ladder.
・ B button ・ Back button ・ ・ ・ Cancel. Or open the menu.

On the 3D dungeon screen,
Wire frame screen
Each operation also works.

Tap ... Move forward, open the door.
Left and right flick ... Turn to the left and right.
Flick up and down ... If there is a ladder, move one level.
Long tap ・ ・ ・ Open the menu.

On the item and skill selection screen, you can scroll the page by flicking and swiping in the window.

When each window is open, tap outside the window to cancel.

There are the following five types.

[Doku] ・ ・ ・ HP decreases according to a certain rule.
[Fuin] ... [Skill] cannot be used.
[Sleeping] ... You will be incapacitated. When all parties are in this state, they will not be able to move forward in the labyrinth.
[Curly] ・ ・ ・ [Kogeki power] and [Binsho] are halved.
[Taore] ・ ・ ・ When HP becomes zero, it will be in this state and you will be incapacitated. If everyone in the party is in this state, the game is over.

Except for [Taore], it will recover naturally as the game progresses.
It can also be canceled at treatment centers and items.

Every time you select [Map] on the menu screen
The map display is [Large display] → [Small display] → [No display]
It will switch.

You can change your profession.
You can continue to use the skills you have learned.
Also, if you return to your original profession, your previous abilities will be maintained.

It is an auto save.
Save will be done at the following timing.

・ At the end of the menu screen
・ At the end of the battle

Select "File" on the title screen
Select the save data you want to copy or delete.
For copying, then select the copy destination.
If you delete it, you cannot recover it, so please be careful.

This is effective when transferring play data to another device, such as when changing models.
Since the procedure is complicated, the method is described below.

a. Backup method

1. On the title screen of this app
"Select files.

2. I want to back up and migrate
Select play data.

3. Select a backup destination.
There is a file called playdat * .dat (* is a number from 0 to 9)

4. With a file manager application, etc.
Located at /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/jp.koborisoftware.sogii/
A file called playdat * .dat (* is a number from 0 to 9)
For SD card and cloud storage
make a copy.

If you uninstall the app, this folder will be deleted along with the files in it.
Be sure to copy it to a location other than this folder.

This completes the backup.

b. How to import

1.shadow of guardian Ⅱ

2. With a file manager application, etc.
The file copied in 4. of a.
In the location of /storage/emulated/0/android/data/jp.koborisoftware.sogii/
make a copy.

3. Select "File" on the title screen of this application.

4. Select the "No data" file.

Since the file copied in 2. of 5.b. Is displayed.
Select it.

This completes the file import.

[Ver 1.28]
-Fixed a bug that the brightness setting of the screen flash was not reflected when using the magic.
-Changed the target SDK to 28 (android9.0) in the androidmanifest settings.

[Ver 1.27]
-Fixed a bug that the progress was not auto-saved after the event battle was over.
-Added to display the storage permission confirmation dialog when reading and writing backup files.
-An attempt to fix a bug that BGM does not sound (change BGM data from .mid to .mp3).
-Compatible with 64-bit and x86 terminals.

* Due to mp3 changes and support for each device, the app capacity is now larger than Ver. I'm sorry, but thank you.
[Ver 1.26]
-Fixed a bug that the new font [ya] was not displayed.

[Ver 1.25]
-Improved to be able to select the font type of display characters.
-Speed ​​up some internal processing.
-Add storage access authority.

[Ver 1.24]
-Added the function to check the file when importing play data.
-Added in-app description when backing up and migrating play data.

[Ver 1.23]
-Improved to be able to back up play data (transfer to another terminal is also possible).

[Ver 1.22]
-Corrected the position (orientation) of the switch in a certain place.
-Fixed a bug in the description display of a certain item.

[Ver 1.21]
-Improved the button layout so that you can choose from several patterns.
-Improved the brightness when flashing the screen so that you can select either "normal", "dark", or "none".
* It is now possible to set each of the above from [Set] on the title screen and menu screen.

[Ver 1.20]
-Fixed a bug that the app may crash when using a certain feat during battle.
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't act during battle when the value of "Hayasa" was too high.
-Improved the display of the number of digits for each parameter on the status display screen.

[Ver 1.19]
-Added file management function.
* If you select "File" on the title screen, you can copy or delete the save data.

[Ver 1.18]
-Improved so that the map display state is maintained.

[Ver 1.17]
-Changed to confirm whether to exit the application when [Shuryo] is selected on the title screen or the back key is pressed.

[Ver 1.16]
・ Added support for mipmap of icons again.

[Ver 1.15]
・ Icon supports mipmap

[Ver 1.14]
-Set targetSdkVersion at 26.
-Delete unnecessary permissions.
-Other corrections.

[Ver 1.13]
-Fixed a bug that an error occurred in the character name display in battle after changing the order of characters when displaying the status.
-Improved so that the flick direction of flick movement can be selected on the setting screen.

[Ver 1.12]
-Fixed a bug in the behavior of certain skill items.
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't get loot at the end of a battle when using a certain skill item.
-Fixed other minor bugs.

[Ver 1.11]
-Add an event.
-Changed so that the status is displayed up to 5 digits on the status screen.
-Changed so that ★ is displayed in the occupation name when the status is displayed for characters who have learned all the skills in each occupation.
-Changed so that when the game is over, you can select "Redo", "To title", and "To Tsumesho" (measures to prevent addiction).
-Changed so that you can hit repeatedly by holding down the up / down / left / right buttons when moving.
-Fixed other minor bugs.

[Ver 1.10]
・ Attempt to prevent freezes.
-Fixed a bug that if you sell an item when you have 1000000 GOLD or more, it will become 999999 GOLD.
-Changed the map display method.
-Added the current floor display when displaying the map.
-Added gauge display to allies' HP and MP.
-Fixed other minor bugs.

[Ver 1.09]
-Changed the API level of the app.

[Ver 1.08]
-Fixed a bug that auto-save after annihilation.
-Added a process to recover all the files when the file is read in the annihilated state.
-Fixed a bug where event battles would occur in quick succession if you left without opening the treasure chest after the event battle.
-Added a map display pattern.

[Ver 1.07]
-The character "Vu" can now be used when creating a character name.
-Fixed a bug related to a certain event.
-Changed some internal processing of the program.

・ Onitama-sama HSP3dish
Updated on
Oct 27, 2019

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