Go雨! 探知機 -XバンドMPレーダ-

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About this app

2020/12/8 Notice of service end

The Japan Weather Association provides services for the weather app "Go Rain! Detector".
It will end on January 31, 2021 (Sun).
In addition, all application functions will be suspended due to the end of service provision.
For future rainfall information, please see the rain cloud radar on the weather forecast media tenki.jp.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has patronized "Go Rain! Detector".
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by the termination of the service. We appreciate your understanding.

◆ Notice of service termination: https://www.jwa.or.jp/news/2020/12/11766/
◆ tenki.jp Rain cloud radar: https://tenki.jp/radar/map/

Japan Weather Association

***** New sensation app "Go Rain! Detector" Hold it over the sky to detect heavy rain! ********

"Go Rain! Detector (Go Utanchiki)" is a new type of weather app that displays the state of rain around you in the sky.
When you want to know the state of rain in "this place now" such as "It's going to rain ..." or "Is it raining outside?", Hold the terminal in the sky.
The latest rainfall around you will be displayed in the sky overlaid on the camera image.

******** 2018/2/28 ver *****************************

[Addition of map function]
For the map function, go to "Settings" → "Display settings" → "Map display".
You can choose from 3 patterns: standard map, blank map, and none.
Also, by checking "Fix the direction of the radar",
The orientation of the map can be fixed to north.

[Addition of past / prediction function]
By pressing the play button or the button 5 minutes before or 5 minutes later,
You can see the movement of rain clouds from the past 60 minutes to 60 minutes ahead every 5 minutes.
* It may take some time to display the data when it is received for the first time after startup.
Please note.

[Addition of push notification function]
By checking "Notification when rain is observed" from "Settings" → "Notification settings"
It is a function to send push notifications due to the approaching rain clouds.
Please set the notification interval, distance, rainfall, notification time zone, and observation interval according to your preference.
* If the "observation interval" is shortened, the battery will be exhausted.
In normal times, it is recommended to turn off the notification or set the observation interval to "1 hour".

[Transition of "Wide area" screen]
From this version, the transition destination of "wide area" mode has been changed to the following site.
・ "Heavy rain radar" https://tenki.jp/map/

* It may not work properly on Android 4.4 or lower browsers.
In that case, tap the logo mark on the upper left of the screen to move to the tenki.jp site and use it.
* Even if you purchase the add-on on the app itself, an advertisement may be displayed on the "Wide area" screen.
Please note.

[Other bug fixes]
Fixed a bug related to the ad removal right error.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

[About location information settings]
The location information of the terminal can be found from the "Settings" → "Notification settings" screen.
It can be selected on the setting screen of the terminal.

****************************************************** *************************

[Functions / Features]
■ 3D mode
・ When the terminal is turned up, the rainfall distribution is displayed on the mesh in the sky.
-Displays the amount of rain overlaid on the clouds that are currently raining. You can intuitively grasp the state of rain
・ In the upper left of the screen, the intensity of rain is displayed if it is raining at the current location, and if it is not raining, it will reach the nearest rain cloud.
Shows distance and direction

■ 2D mode
・ Displays the rainfall information of 5km or 10km * around the current location in real time.
* The display range can be changed to 5km / 10km from "Settings".
・ Detailed rainfall information in units of approximately 250m square can be confirmed.
・ You can check at a glance in which direction it is raining, centered on your current location.

■ Wide area mode
・ By pressing the "To wide area" button, you can see more wide area rainfall information.
・ You can see forecast information up to 60 minutes ahead and rainfall information from the past 60 minutes to the present.

■ Lightning mode
・ In "Lightning Mode", you can see information on lightning strikes that occurred in the surrounding area of ​​5km or 10km * within the past 15 minutes.
・ In 2D mode, you can check the lightning strike points around 5km or 10km *.
・ In 3D mode, a lightning bolt mark is displayed on the observation network at the lightning strike point, allowing you to see more realistic lightning information.
* The display range can be changed to 5km / 10km from "Settings".

■ Posting to SNS
・ You can share the current application screen to SNS such as "Twitter" and "Facebook".
· Comment on real-time rain conditions and share with friends and family

■ What is X-band MP radar?
The X-band MP radar is the latest weather radar that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is developing as a countermeasure against localized heavy rain.
Compared to conventional weather radar, it is possible to observe more detailed rain conditions faster, and it is being deployed nationwide, mainly in urban areas.

■ Caution
* This application cannot be used in areas outside the X-band MP radar observation range. Please note.
* Data distribution may be temporarily interrupted due to radar maintenance, etc.
* This application uses the location information, gyro function, and camera function of the terminal.
* Android Wear compatible devices are limited to CASIO Smart Outdoor Watch "WSD-F10".
For product inquiries, please contact Casio Calculator.

[List of supported devices]
■ Android version
SO-03C / F-12C / P-07C / SH-13C / SO-02C / SC-02C / L-07C / SH-12C / SO-01C / T-01C /
N-04C / SH-03C / SC-02B / F-05D / SH-01D / T-01D / F-03D / SH-02D / N-01D / SC-03D /
F-07D / SO-02D / SH-04D / SO-03D / SC-05D / SH-06D / N-04D / P-01D / F-08D / N-05D /
P-05D / SH-07D / P-06D / SH-09D / F-09D / SO-04D / N-07D / L-05D / SC-06D / SO-05D /
F-10D / P-07D / SH-01E / SH-10D / F-11D / T-02D / N-02E / SC-03E / L-02E / SC-02E /
SO-01E / F-04E / SH-02E / L-01E / SC-02F / SH-04E / F-03E / N-04E / SO-02E / F-02E /
SC-04E / SH-06E / ISW11K / IS13SH / IS11PT / CDMA SHX11 / IS11CA / IS11S / IS12SH /
IS11SH / ISW11HT / IS04 / CDMA SHI05 / IS06 / ISW11F / IS14SH / IS12F / ISW11SC /
ISW16SH / IS17SH / ISW13F / IS15SH / PTL21 / CAL21 / SHL21 / FJL21 / SCL21 / LGL21 /
SOL21 / KYL21 / HTL21 / SOL22 /

■ Android Wear
CASIO Smart Outdoor Watch "WSD-F10"
Can be used in cooperation with smartphones equipped with Android 4.3 or higher
(Not supported when connected to iOS)
Please see the following product introduction page for information on the terminal information of "WSD-F10".
Updated on
Apr 10, 2018

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