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It is a cloud-based solution that allows you to share and collaborate confidential documents inside your company with high-level security.

[VDR use in various fields]
M&A, law firms, biopharmaceuticals, financial investment, business partnering, work from home and contactless services.

[LegalTechVDR Features]
▶ Sharing Files with High-Level Security
Save Cloud Data Encryption
Clearly set various levels of access to individual users
IP Access-Restriction, Two Step Verification, Screen Capture Prevention and Set Watermark.

▶ Bulk Uploads / downloads with the fastest speed
Upload multiple files/folders with just drag & drop
Conveniently monitor the progress upload files with File Manager

▶ Perfectly suitable for confidential information of the company
Easy to customize compared to other VDR solutions
Provide customized VDR if needed

▶ Simple to Use
Unnecessary user training course
Multi-language user support available (English, Korean and Japanese)
Able to access from all devices

▶ Competitive Price
Dynamic pricing based on the amount of data and the number of users

▶ On-Call User Support Available
Local team is always open to any questions on any emergency situations
업데이트 날짜
2021. 10. 24.

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