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You want to learn a new language? It's easy these days! Thick books are no longer needed, it is also more comfortable! Lengo offers the opportunity to take a look at all important topics everywhere. So annoying delays, such as waiting time at the doctor and waiting for the bus, can be filled with a small study lesson.

Who masters all important vocabulary, can resort to the conjugation of verbs. Also important grammatical elements are treated.

Learn languages with Lengo
• structured language learning
• little effort, fast learning progress
• specifically cover the learning fields
• Learn languages ​​online
• Download it for free

Do you want to learn languages ​​fast, uncomplicated and uncomplicated? That should not be so hard for you. With Lengo you can quickly and easily cover all learning areas. It does not matter if you want to learn verbs, nouns, adjectives or simple concepts of languages. All this is done with the help of Lengo.
Lengo you can easily download is free and clear - most features can also be permanently used for free or activated by good language skills for free. Learning languages ​​should be fun!

• Your learning success will be fast. We recommend learning 10 minutes of language every day. The use of the language not only improves your written language, but also the pronunciation.
• Choose your topics that you want to learn by yourself and focus on your weaknesses.
• You can keep track of your current vocabulary, skills and valuable vocabulary in your statistics at all times.
• Would you like to learn many languages? Lengo is 100% offline, so you can learn languages ​​wherever you want, as often as you want.
Of course, Lengo is simple and understandable and offers you an ideal environment for learning languages.
• You can also use subjects and the Vocabulary, Conjugation, or Grammar sections. Here, however, gilding again, no gain without pain "Of course, all sections are included in the full version.In addition to the purchase of the application, no registration is required, the purchase can be easily confirmed by fingerprint or password and we charge permanently in the fee with the vocabulary list It's now fun to learn vocabulary and build language skills.
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