MK AnimeBox


What's New
Ver 1.07(2013/1/28)
・fix bug.
Ver 1.06(2012/4/1)
・Enable install SD-Card.
Ver 1.05(2012/2/25)
・change font size.
Ver 1.04(2012/1/10)
・A synchronous function with Dropbox was mounted.
Ver 1.03(2011/10/8)
・Enable fix title.
Ver 1.02(2011/9/25)
・Fix color about spinner.
Ver 1.01(2011/7/16)
・Fix a bug(enable input "'" and "/" for title)
Ver 1.00(2011/6/14)
Fix a view control.
Ver 0.95(2011/6/13)
New Release.


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