Dolphin Browser for Android
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asus sl101 update 2/15 sad, each update stops the crashing for a while then it starts again. I'm going to uninstall if it continues. 1\18, OK I solved the mystery, if you cant get yr devices to show in the header, go to dolphin settings (for each device), account & services, make sure all yr devices are with ONE account, ie mine are with gmail acct. I did this and pages are being sent asap even when one device is off, when u turn back on, the shared page appears,, VERY COOL.. 1\17, Does anyone no how to use the same WiFi


What's New
- Dolphin Jetpack 6.1.0 integration on Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices
- Better flash playing experience; How to play flash in Dolphin
- Better fullscreen experience for HTML5 videos
- Auto-fit web content when pinch to zoom under desktop mode
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