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Informazioni su questa app

The app is a full version of ETA Monitor DemoRel.

Before purchase, it is recommended test your smartphone/tablet and boiler with

The app manages:
1. ETA PelletsCompact and performs flow/outdoor temperature, heating circuit pressure, pellet used and stored readings.
2. ETA Hack and performs only flow temperature and boiler state readings.

To access your heating:
1. register it on and enable 'enable webservices' on button settings
2. in the settings menu of your ETAtouch boiler locate 'meinETA access' and set 'Establish a meinETA connection'
3. Enable LAN access in the system settings of your boiler
4. Set static IP address in network settings of your boiler and set the same IP in the next window

This app:

- is not officially supported by ETA
- performs only measurements and does not controls your boiler
- supports screens devices from 4.7" to 10.1", portrait orientation
- works inside WIFI/LAN home/office network
- was created for foreground purpose monitoring, so if the app is iconized it could break.
- energy savings apps installed on smatphone/tablet could cause the application crash

Power and pellet (kW and kg/h) updated each 15 minutes, other readings each 10 seconds.

For any malfunction and get support use below email contact or use "Send Log" app's function.

All trademarks and product names mentioned are trademarks and registered by their owners.

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13 nov 2019

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13-11-2019, update for ETA HACK boilers (performs only flow temperature and boiler state measurement)
11-10-2019, update to SDK target API28
19-05-2019, email configuration ssl update
16-12-2018, email configuration update
13-09-2018, first publication for ETA PelletsCompact boilers