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WinSignals are online stock market trading predictions from our experienced traders. Follow the signals and their development in your mobile phone app.

How it works:

The mobile app is for receiving online WinSignals. It utilizes live signals from traders – members of our TOP team. The signals are stock market price predictions for short-term fluctuations of selected assets, with a long-term success rate of 75-90 %, which you can use for managing your stock market investments.

The most experienced traders from our team identify the best profit opportunities for making trades. Selected WinSignals from our best providers with the highest rating are being shared worldwide with our clients via Mobile App, including simple instructions of how to accomplish highly probable profits and eliminate financial risk.

The main purpose of WinSignals is to point out forming opportunities. Receiving WinSignals allows the client not to waste time by sitting at a computer the whole day long. The WinTraders create movement predictions at times of the highest liquidity on the markets (in European conditions this usually means between 8 AM and 7 PM, CET).

The WinTraders are sending the signals (alerts) for US stock indices SP500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average (Futures), on Forex market for currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. As for commodities we are following the Gold on spot market and American Crude Oil WTI (Futures contracts for next calendar month). A WinSignal contains basic information about a possible business position opening as well as Risk Management parameters, i.e. the possible target price and StopLoss Individual. The setting of a specific StopLoss (SL) is left to our clients, who can select different trading options, depending on account size, business position and one's own perception of risks.

WinSignals (WS) is a supplementary service of Win Easy Management. The basic messages of Win Easy Management service are:

- Win Actual Advice (WAA) message, information about the fact that the price level of a predicted asset has reached a profitable level, but the development on the market suggests that it should be followed more closely, watching the current profit levels. (Risk Management).
- Win Profit Report (WPR) message, information about the price level of an asset specified by the WinSignal has reached the predicted PT profit level.
- Win Easy Management (WEM) message, information about the fact that the price level of a predicted asset has reached a loss of approx. 2 % of the account size (we assume safe trading with transactions of sizes of 1 lot/10,000 $/€ of the account size).

We do not trade on your behalf. You can use your current trading platform or your current broker in connection with WinSignals. However we recommend comparing our dealing rates with your platform.

Strengths of WinSignals:

• No payments for single signals are requested
• Signals (alerts) for most liquid assets with immediate realizing of orders by majority of brokers
• No deposit or willingness requested
• We are not robot or ABS either
• Signals (trading) duration is in range 1 to 15 days
• Profit Target and Mental Stop loss are always defined
• Very high reliability ( up to 90%) of signals, long term project stability
• Time saving, no stress or nervous break

Detailed information and Manuals are available on

Note: WinSignals is not an investment recommendation, advice or a guide on how to trade on the stock market, or how to manage your money or investments. The WinSignals team does not assume any responsibility for the recommendations of individual WinTraders, for the actual results of users and business signal/prediction recipients.

History of WinSignals:

The project has been originally developed in 2009 and the signals will achieve in average 85-90% predictions presumption. Improved and extended project has been newly started in 2015 and sice 2016 has valorized client´s trading accounts by 75% p.a.
Datum aktualizace
5. 5. 2022

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