Offers in-app purchases
Review from Martin Hanford
Needs a bit of work. As it stands it's okay but I just have a couple of quibbles with it,namely it takes a lot of playing to get enough cash to upgrade anything,default settings are a little basic,it doesn't take too long to die and the basic gun has only four shots so you have to play it many times or part with actual cash to proceed,which I guess is the whole point,fun nevertheless.I've played it a while and it's good/bad ponts are more noticeable. If you were just responsible for either moving or shooting it may be better.


What's New
“You go looking for trouble or does it always find you?” We thought so…
We took the DIE HARD game one step further. Fight as tough as the McClanes and don’t forget to make good use of adrenaline!
✓ Sprint mode: swipe up to activate,
✓ PLAY HARD button: purchase extra health points, armor, and gun usage
✓ New ambient sounds,
✓ New animated 3D main screen,
✓ Performance improvements,
✓ Destroyable objects,
✓ Restructured mission system,
✓ In-app purchases through SMS and carrier billing


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