Only One Suit Mahjong


What's New
v1.22 fixed(ranking name add).
v1.21 fixed(ranking monthly).
v1.20 fixed(a drawn game).
v1.19 bug fixed.
v1.18 bug fixed.
v1.17 fixed(continue).
v1.16 fixed(computer logic).
v1.15 bug fixed.
v1.14 fixed(waiting tiles dsp).
v1.13 bug fixed.
v1.12 bug fixed.
v1.11 reader add.
v1.10 bug fixed.
v1.9 4 fours, 3 fours add.
v1.8 concealed fours.
v1.7 fixed(record graph)
v1.6 Win with the last tile of wall, Win with the last tile discarded, Win within one patrol add.


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