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If a person's first love is dull and lengthy, I don't know if it is very strange.

In the third year of high school, others were still busy with dark days. My parents had gone through the formalities for going abroad for me early, only waiting for me to get a diploma to go to the United States. In our class, there are people in the class who say that the big P boys can say that the general broadcast time is early self-study "sports express", inter-sessional "political news", midday break "book story", evening self-study "classical music", every time He always has the ability to sway to the top few. The class teacher couldn’t help him, so he had to let him be in the last row with my "Happy People". At that time, the big P was black and thin, and he read English like the coyotes in "The Lion King", and the ancient poems were like Fan Jin. Really, after we went to the zoo, the monkey saw him running around, and he ran away. He shot my head and said to the monkeys: "This is my baby!" I am not vague, tell him "Don't shout, see your two aunts are scared away by you." This is a follow-up.

When I was at the table with me, I sang "My Sun" by myself. I stole Coke on the side. When I sang high notes, he suddenly turned around and asked "How is the scorpion"? The water almost squirted, and I was so angry that he repeated him several times. He is like nothing, saying that my posture is not right, so it is not enough. I told him to teach me, he was very serious, and told me to take him to practice. The next day I saw him at school. His first sentence was: "Thirteen sisters, you punched me with a few punches yesterday."

Later I thought that this relationship probably started from here. In the future, Big P always called me 13 sisters. My friendship with Big P has strengthened under the theme of mutual destruction and self-promotion. He lives in a noisy world, always making a variety of sounds to draw attention from others, as if he can prove himself. I am used to him like this, used to seeing himself to give himself a foreign appearance, getting used to making noises with him all day long. I often go to class for him. He is sleeping on his stomach. When I eat lean meat, he eats fat because he needs “nutrition”; when he fights, he doesn’t care whether he wins or not, I clap my hands quickly; I study my words and use my function to calculate my amnesia rate. It is 88.7%; we are going to sneer at each other while we are leaving the corridor. We are like a buddy who is in the third grade and has a tacit understanding.

I have heard a saying that everyone is an arc. Two people who can just make up a circle are a pair. I especially believed this sentence. I feel more and more that I am exactly the same as Big P - simple and straightforward, no evasive. I am confident that I know him better than anyone else, because he is me. I went back to the big P and said, "I seem to have stayed in my senior year for a lifetime." I ignored the big P and called me "Tianshan nursery rhymes". I have a thought in my heart. This thought is about forever.

The third year of the high school, the big P is my buddy. Looking back now, we have never been involved in emotional issues, because I felt that many things were not necessary. I decided that if I like him then he definitely likes me too, because I found my half circle, I thought it was fate, no one can tell, even if it is a thousand turns. When leaving, Big P said: "Don't be proud, it won't be a toss for a few years or two of us."

This is the last sentence I heard him say, I will never forget it.

That year's college entrance examination, the big P entered the Peking University. And when I first arrived in Los Angeles, the Chinese restaurant next door exploded, and my half of the wall was gone. I moved, I had a year off, and I sent an E-mail to Big P with only three words "I moved" and didn't tell him the phone number of my new home.

The neighbors of the new family have a couple of deaf and dumb, and the vegetable garden at home is the best in the entire neighborhood. They often send some fresh vegetables, and when my mother burns it, they will come over to eat. I have never seen such a loving couple. Sometimes they use sign language. When I look at it, I will think of that circle. I think of Big P, and my heart hurts. I bought a book and spent a fall learning the sign language myself. In this way, I slowly entered this silent world. They can't hear, they can only use the close gaze to sense each other, so calm and calm, this is a world that can't be understood by the big P that can't be safe.

I have nothing to do, except to accompany the neighbors to practice sign language, it is to go to the basketball hall for three days, collect the NBA player signature for the big P or mail the latest cartoon pictorial, and moved him to write more than a dozen on the mail. P, but also actively confessed to chasing girls. I sat in front of the computer one afternoon, and repeatedly said to myself, "Don't cry, don't cry, there is nothing wrong with it." When I got dinner, I couldn't shed tears. My parents have long been accustomed to my mental state, and I have not asked anything.

It’s spring again. I am still the same, but the sign language has a professional level, and the big P has won the first battle under the careful guidance of my "love tutor". I think, as long as he is happy, I should be happy too, can be his buddy, not bad. The New York Symphony Orchestra is coming to perform. I am carrying my parents to cut the lawn for others. I have been busy for a month before I have enough money for the tickets. I secretly brought in the small tape recorder and poured a LIVE version of classical music to Big P. When I replied to the big P, I complained that I only listened to the concert. I didn’t know the first recording, but I missed a big paragraph.

I am sorry in my heart, sorry, sorry, tears flowed out again. I returned to Beijing in June, and the big P participated in the debate just in the final. I didn't want him to know that I was coming back and sneaked into the venue. In the past year, Big P has become a five-person, six-person. When he summed up his remarks, everyone laughed and applauded. I know that he played very well, I already knew. The debate ended and the big P they won. When I was off the court, I saw a pretty girl who smiled and greeted the big P. But at that moment, I knew that what Big P needed was someone who gave him a cold water, so that he would not be smug and forget the shape. I know, but it is not important.

After returning to the United States, two of my mailboxes were big P. The first one said that he saw a person in the finals of the debate. He was exactly the same as me. He called the 13-sister who ignored him. It was not obvious, but it was amazing. The second said that his current girlfriend is good, but always feels the gap between the two, ask me how can we both go straight?

I wrote a reply on the computer and told him that I was actually his half circle, but we could no longer make a round. I have not saved this letter.

I didn't tell the big P my home phone.

I can always get the star signature easily.

I am carrying my parents to make money to watch the performance, and I don’t even know when the tape is recorded.

I don't want Big P to know that I am back in Beijing.

I just gave up my half circle in silence.

Because, after the Chinese restaurant exploded, I only lived on hearing aids.

By Shale Shuimu Tsinghua BBS
Updated on
May 21, 2020

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