WIPPY - When you need a friend nextdoor

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New friend search app, WIPPY

▶ When you need someone to call over for a drink after a long day at work
▶ When you are jealous of people who have friends nextdoors

✔︎ Are you ready to have fun with friends with common interests?

∙ Daily personalized matches
∙ Browse through many friends with different hobbies like travelling, watching movies
∙ Add friend to start chatting
∙ Use Voice Chat to talk to new friends real-time without revealing your profile
∙ Use Survey to find out friends' first impression on your profile

✔︎ Stay safe with WIPPY

▶ Tight community management
∙ Mandatory phone number verification to prevent duplicate profiles
∙ 24 hour operation monitors and refers to user reports to reject accounts with irregular activity
∙ Inactive accounts are automatically excluded from your matching pool

▶ Stay away from people that are already in your phone book
∙ Don't worry about coming across people you already know
∙ Use 'Never meet people I know' function to block them

✔︎ Tips

▶ First, a nice profile
Profile is your first impression. What you write on your profile is all your match has to make decisions. Well built profiles will raise your chances by more than 60%. Use smiling profile photos and fun voice recordings to make yourself friendlier.

▶ Second, use Voice Chat
This fun feature is for those who are not shy to strike up conversations with strangers.
Make unlimited phone calls with new friends without revealing your profile. You will be surprised how fast you can get close to each other in such a short time.

▶ Third, share your daily life
In case you need more than profile to express yourself, Story is for you. Post pictures of your daily life, hobby, travel log, work out routine and show people who you are. Also, see what friends around your do for fun.

Access permission guide
Photo/media/file : Profile photo upload
Location : location-based personalized matches
Send/read SMS : phone number verification
Contacts : block people in contacts
Microphone : record my voice

WIPPY is open to people of age between 20 and 40
Contact us : help@wippy.io
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