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Yotta APP softphone offers a simple user interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voice over IP experience. Yotta APP’s key features include all functionality of Yotta IP PBX Server (www.yottaip.com):

- Inbound and outbound calls on smartphone from your working account
- Direct Call from PBX Server to account
- Call Transfer and call waiting
- Facile gestione dello stato di Presence (Disponibile, Occupato, ecc.).
- Semplice impostazione di conference calls.
- Chat aziendale istantanea.
- Excellent and high definition audio and video audio quality, even on older devices
- Supports calling over 3G/4G and WIFI
- Background / multitasking support
- Native dialer integration
- Integration with the native android contact list Android, easy to call anyone in your contacts via SIP
- add new contacts directly from the softphone
- Speakerphone mute and hold
- UDP and TCP transports (use TCP for better battery life!)
- Supports g711 (ulaw, alaw), speex, iLBC and gsm codecs
- Supports sending of DTMF tones while in call, to control various PBX features or automated systems (use audio, rfc 2833 or SIP INFO)
- Built-in echo cancellation
- STUN support
- Change ringtone per account
- Video support
- RTP support
- detailed call history
- SIP Proxy support
- audio conference calls with various participants
- pictures and file sharing
- Yotta APP accounts reachable at any time, even if the app is closed (thanks to push notifications)
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11 feb 2020

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