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Please note, that this is a Application in Beta Stage.

Key Features:

- Generate customized QR Codes. Change the foreground and background colors of the QR code as well as upload a logo to your QR as well.

- When someone scans your QR using Triangle Pay, you'll see the scan count for the QR update in real-time.

- When your QR is scanned by someone using the Triangle Pay app, you'll also see their name in the QR analytics section.

- Access to advanced profile analytics showing real-time updates on the number of QRs generated by you, scanned by you and the number of times your QRs were scanned by others.

- Built-in QR code scanner to scan any type of QR codes.

- The ability to print and share the generated QR codes.

Triangle Code Generator and real-time QR code analytics. ©

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