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This prayer book for Bnei Noah - for those people who are not Jews, and at the same time determined and declared their religion as Judaism, ie, full acceptance of Moses, the Torah, both written and oral.
As Bnei Noach are not Jews, then, according to the Torah and the Jewish tradition, for they are mandatory only seven commandments of the sons of Noah, and in the case of other commandments of the Torah - they are free to choose the appropriate for them to comply with the commandments (previously it is important to consult with rabbis, specialists in area of ​​Bnei Noach). Our prayer book - one of the steps in this direction.
It is important to emphasize that the Noahide take on the whole of the Torah, and they observe the Seven Commandments are not just the natural moral norm, but as a divine commandment, that were passed by Moses and the people of Israel to the world, and do so in accordance with the way it was transferred to the sages of the tradition of Israel.
Jewish tradition says that those non-Jews who do not declare themselves as Bnei Noach, ie We have not yet adopted the Toru Moiseya, and the commitment in this regard, observe Seven Laws of Noah's sons, - before they should not assume that something extra, ie behave like observant Jewish customs, prayers or other commandments outside the Seven; and also should not invent some new ways of serving God. If they want to move forward in the service of Gd, it is important to start with a compliance that are required, and only then move on.
As we noted in the introduction, this embodiment of prayer for Bnei Noah formulated to generally conform to the classic Jewish prayer book, because in that case it would be convenient for the Noahide as in self-prayer, and in prayer in the Jewish community or synagogue .
In this book the text of the order of prayers and should not be considered as an indication of the compulsory execution, but only as a suggestion of one of the options.
Unlike the usual canonical text of the prayer, which is mandatory for the Jews, the texts presented in our prayer book - not mandatory, and this applies to both the wording of the text, and order, time, etc. He is only a proposal, the purpose of which - to bring the hearts of the people to the experience of serving the Jewish people to God. Therefore, the changes are acceptable, which will correspond to the feelings, culture and way of life of individuals and communities who want to take advantage of this prayer.
Classic Jewish prayer book, which is based our text, in its many formulations made by Israel for the people - for example: "Take kindly the Lord our God, to the people of Israel and pray it will take," "For You mercifully hearken to the prayer of thy people Israel "" give the world the people of Israel, "etc. In some places we have included in the text of a special buzz about making prayers Bnei Noach, and the world, and the good of all mankind (actually, it was originally meant to Jewish prayer, but, probably, it was important to make it explicit in the text), - however, in general, we felt it was important to preserve, as far as possible, traditional texts. At the same time, we believe that Bnei Noach, aware of their connection with the Jewish people, will accept all these statements as "Israel and us", ie in a sense, to include themselves in the "expanded Israel." This also applies to the famous Torah verse "Shema Yisrael" ( "Hear, O Israel"), and in general to passages of Scripture, which, of course, can not be changed, but that can and should be understood in a broader sense.
We will be happy to discuss with you any questions, you can ask them on a mail noahideworldcenter@gmail.com
Updated on
Jun 29, 2017

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