Actual Movie Trailers
Review from Mr Riggs
Simple straight forward movie trailer app. How much easier can it get? Answer is it cant. Very simple clean nice scrolling interface. Quality is spot on, loads nice and smooth, nice trailer images, very clean looking and I love that. Updated daily. Not one complaint. Great app, thanks dev.!


What's New
Version 1.81
• Fixed permissions issue
Version 1.8
• Added a plot for each movie, visible in a text area under the posters (plot is available only for newer trailers).
• Added help for new users.
• Poster icons now appear only on focused trailer.
Version 1.7
• Fixed bug for 4.3 android devices, where trailers were being played in small (not fullscreen) window.
• Added FullHD (1080p) resolution. (Note: only some trailers are available in FullHD.)
• Removed the lowest (240p) resolution.


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