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Informacje o aplikacji

MyBible will help you study the Bible carefully and deeply. It will make the Bible more convenient to read, as you will always have it with you without the need of an Internet connection. Bible translations in more than three hundred languages are available, including the original texts and early translations in ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic. In MyBible you also have commentaries, biblical dictionaries, thesauruses, daily devotions, and powerful tools to help them all work conveniently together.

Project description and additional information, including the modules format description, as well as the most recent and previous versions of the application, are available at

- Adjustable display of the Bible text, all chapters of a book (not just one chapter at a time); grouping of verses into paragraphs, subheadings, with or without verse numbering; highlighting of Jesus' words, night mode.
- Two or three Bible windows with different translations; windows that automatically synchronize for the current position, but can also be used independently.
- Fast and powerful search of the Bible text.
- Bible text: convenient paging and scrolling, categorized bookmarks, color-highlighting and underlining of fragments, remarks for the text, reading places, user-defined cross references, comparing of selected verses in different translations.
- Ancillary means that can be shown in the Bible text: cross references, hyperlinks to commentaries, footnotes, Strong's numbers.
- Built-in information on the correspondence of the "Russian" and "standard" numbering of verses in the book of Psalms, Job, and Song of Solomon (this provides for parallel reading of these books in Russian and in other languages).
- Bible reading plans: a large selection of pre-defined downloadable reading plans, option to quickly create a simple reading plan of your own, option to activate several reading plans simultaneously, convenient and friendly tracking of your progress on active reading plans.
- Bible commentaries, comparison of different commentaries for a selected verse.
- Showing of dictionary articles on a double-touch of a word in the Bible text, option to search for a word of interest in dictionaries, Strong's lexicon that is activated by a double-touch on a word or on a Strong's number, Strong's number usage searching - capable of replacing a printed "Symphony", option to look up references to a selected verse from dictionary articles - gives input for a deep understanding of integrity of the Scripture.
- Text-to-Speech (TTS): Bible text, commentaries, dictionary articles, daily devotions, and automatic combining of TTS for the Bible text with TTS for commentaries that are shown as hyperlinks in the Bible text (this could be handy while you are driving a long distance).
- Copying of selected verses, copying of verses found as a result of search.
- Working with favorites: daily devotions, commentary articles, dictionary articles.
- Notes entry window with hyperlinks to Bible places that can be created automatically for entered references to Scriptures (e.g., John 3:16).
- Profiles which completely store an environment, settings, a navigation history, etc.
- Extensive set of settings; optional Simplified Mode, for beginners.
- Usage tips for the entire main functionality: available from the menu, grouped, allow searching from a word fragment.
- Support of data back-up and synchronization between different devices of the same user, this includes settings and downloaded modules and assumes usage of external means, (Dropsync is recommended), see the "Synchronization" section in the "About" text available from the menu.
Ostatnia aktualizacja
5 lut 2022

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33,4 tys. opinie
Dariusz Kociołek
2 kwietnia 2022
Nie ma lepszej na smartphone. Love ❤️
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Czy to było pomocne?
Talitha Kum
19 czerwca 2022
Nie zacina się, nie ma reklam, wyszukuje jak trzeba... dla mnie bardzo pomocna
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Czy to było pomocne?
Denys Dolganenko
20 czerwca 2022
It is good to hear that the tool is smooth enough to not irritate you when using it. Still, have you discovered all the possibilities? Please study the search help, as there are some rather unique possibilities there, and also the usage tips available from the menu.
Anna Raztawicka
14 kwietnia 2022
Była opcja podkreślania i nie ma, za co odejmuję jedną gwiazdkę.
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Czy to było pomocne?
Denys Dolganenko
14 kwietnia 2022
Come on - read the usage tips available from the menu, the Bible words highlighting and underlining is available.

Co nowego

MyBible 5.4.2:
- Small corrections and additions related to the app widget..
MyBible 5.4.1:
- App widget improvements (per a justified request from a family couple of evangelists).
- Declared compatible down to Android 5 again (for sake of Amazon Kindle users).
- Minor corrections.
MyBible 5.4.0:
- Declared compatibility with Android 12, as required by Google.
- Added links to privacy policy.
- Some corrections - see the history of releases.