Met Office Weather Application
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Review from Paul Coupland
Last update broke location search SGS2 4.0.4 - Like many the last update totally broke the location search system. It could not find my location and said my post code was invalid. I fixed this by uninstalling the app and deleting the metoffice folder located in /sdcard/cache. It did take nearly a minute to delete this folder. Then I rebooted and installed the latest version and all has been well again. Otherwise this is a great app with good features and a nice UI. I just really wish app developers (facebook, I'm looking at you here as well) would test their updates properly. I'm beginning to think auto update is a bad idea.


What's New
• Hourly UK location forecasts for first two days
• Push notifications available for the Met Office’s UK National Severe Weather Warnings
• International locations added
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