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About this app

* According to Android policy, it can be used only for parent (including family) monitoring or corporate management purposes .

Smart location control / location transfer
-Compatible with both Android and iPhone
-Sales activity management
-Vehicle operation log
-Gasoline cost
- commute
-Call center management

Location transmission application development since 2010
-Korea's first smartphone location control system
-PC mode (
-Mobile mode
-Android application
-IPhone application

* Smartphone location positioning research since 2010, providing accurate location tracking data.

* Daum / Naver / Google (paid) support various maps.

* This smart location control / location tracking system is a report based on the location-based service business, applying the technical / administrative measures of the location information protection law. (Location-based service report number: 232)

* Please note that other location-transfer applications and systems that do not apply for location-based service reporting and location information protection laws are illegal.

* This is a hybrid CS / P2P hybrid transmission system using a location control server, not an insecure transmission method of other applications.

* If you use the GPS continuously in the background, you can reduce the battery life. Read the manual and set it according to your environment.

* Smartphone power OFF check, remote setting support.

Location control system

It is a service that collects location information (server transmission) through GPS, 3G, and WIFI sensors of a smartphone to control location information of multiple people / objects, movement paths, and location detection.

1) Manager (observer): Identify the location of several people at a glance.
   * Administrator can easily search through multiple applications related to location control with one account (location control, location detection, condensation, gasoline cost / travel distance, time and attendance management)
2) Location information provider (tracking recipient): Location transmission (transmission) function.
 * The location information provider proceeds to transfer the location only from the first application installed among various applications related to location control.

Smart location control features
-Business passenger window journal
-Attendance (commuting / commuting) management support
-Vehicle fuel cost (fuel cost) management support
-Identify multiple locations at a glance
-Know your current location and route
-Identify destination and remaining distance
-Identify the proximity of the current location and destination address
-Identification of movement status when transmitting location
-Support battery power saving mode when transmitting location
-SMS notification when viewing my location information (location notification)
-SMS notification when employees move (location move reminder)
-Smartphone management mode support
-Simultaneous support for PC management mode

-(Corporate management / parent only) location detection function added (location detection alert SMS support)
It notifies you when access / departure detection of a specific place (company, business partner, school, etc.) and moving location (my location, specific smartphone).
* When an employee arrives at an account, please notify the manager or account manager ...
* Please let me know when an employee leaves the company ...
* Please let me know when my child leaves school / school ...

Object location information service field
-Cargo vehicle dispatch management (vehicle location transmission)
-Call taxi allocation management (vehicle location transmission)
-Quick service motorcycle distribution management (motorcycle location transfer)
-Disaster vehicle rescue, lost vehicle management

* Mobile phone pre-installed in preparation for lost
(If you install the app on your smartphone, you will be able to determine the location by location transmission / location control operation when lost.)

Interpersonal Location Information Service
-Salesperson location management (call center management with interpersonal location data)

* Please refer to the website for details!

Easy to use location transfer. (Refer to the manual on the location control website for details)

There are two main types of information providers (Location Tracker) and Location Information Manager (Location Viewer).

1.Location Information Manager (Location Information Viewer)-PC Mode
1) Go to on your PC and click 'Apply for location control service' to register.
2) Location control contract after membership registration. (Free choice available)
3) Register your phone number after login. (You need to register the phone number to track the location to see the location transfer and information)
4) After registering the phone number, request to install the smart location control application to the person to track the location (see the location information provider above)
5) After a few minutes, check the location information such as location control, address search, and route search.

2. Location information provider (person who is being tracked)
1) Install and run the smart location control app
2) Preferences> Check the agreement
3) Preferences> Automatic location transfer check at startup (when you want to continue transferring location)
4) Quit the app (Auto location transfer check at startup and if the battery saver, the app must be shut down to save battery !!)

-How to use location detection (order)-
1) Register phone number in Basic Management> Phone Number Registration Management.
(See manual 2-1. Phone number registration management ☜)
2) Register the policy at Basic Management> Location Detection Policy Registration Management.
(See manual 2-2. Location detection policy registration management ☜)
3) Real-time monitoring from location detection to detailed / short list.
(Refer to manual 2-6. Location detection policy registration management ☜)
4) Preferences> SMS notification by setting location alerts.
(See manual 2-5.Environmental settings☜)

* When the above settings are completed, the application will continue to be sent even if the application is closed or the smartphone is turned on and off.
* GPS and 3G functions must be turned on. (Android Phone> Preferences> Wireless & Network> Data Network Settings> Check 'Allow access')
* When you want to send the destination: Press the destination button to enter the destination and deliver the destination and the remaining distance to the administrator.
* No registration required. (If you need to view location information and notify location tracking, you need to register as a member)

* Depending on the usage environment, the user can set the location transmission transmission interval

Transmission interval | Waiting time (when fully charged) | Remark

30 seconds | About 10 hours | Short travel, * In bad conditions

2 minutes | About 15 to 30 hours | In the case of mobile normal, * Auto sleep mode supported

5 minutes | About 30 hours | Many cases to go

10 minutes | About 45 hours | Long distance travel

* Please refer to the manual for details.
 -PC mode manual: Log in after login> Top right 'Manual'
 -Smartphone manual: Location control application> Homepage> 'Help'
Updated on
Jun 28, 2022

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* 안드로이드 / 아이폰 호환

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3) 어플용 간단 조희 기능