Zombie Deer Hunt 3D

Zombie Deer are invading! Defend your farm using a variety of upgradable weapons but watch out, some of the deer have mutated and now possess enhanced abilities!

This is a 3D Augmented Reality game! To start playing you must follow a few simple steps:

• Find any printed image with lots of detail (eg. magazine, book cover)
• Hold your device directly above the image to scan
• If the image is detailed enough the corners of the screen with change form red to green
• Confirm the image by pressing the check mark

How to play:

• Physically move your phone around the tracker image to aim your weapon
• Stop the Zombie Deer from reaching the other side of the map
• Killing Zombie Deer gains you antlers, use them to upgrade weapons or buy new ones

Spider-Man’s Web-slinger

Ever wanted to star in your very own Spider-Man comic? Now is your chance. With the new update of the Spider-Man Web-slinger app you can see yourself as everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Share your stardom in the comics with friends and family.

That’s not all! Purchase The Amazing Spider-Man DVD/Blu-ray at Walmart and use the magic of Augmented Reality to bring Spidey to life. If you purchase the Spider-Man-themed Marketside pizzas only available at Walmart and use the Web-slinger app, you can bring the Lizard to life! Put both the DVD and Pizza box together and be amazed as Spidey battles the Lizard!

NBA 2K14 Cover

It's every player's dream to make the cover of the latest NBA 2K game. Now is your chance. With the NBA2K14 Cover app, create your own cover and show off your new-found fame to all your friends.

All cover images for entertainment purpose only. Not official NBA2K14 cover art.

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SuperHero AR

Which Avenger Are You? Find out now with the ultimate Avengers quiz, only at Wal Mart. Using Augmented Reality, unlock signage at Wal Mart to reveal quiz questions then see yourself as an Avenger and share the pic with friends. Plus, take pictures with The Avengers as they appear life-size in Wal Mart stores and enjoy a unique Augmented Reality activation with The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray or Avengers Marketside Pizza boxes sold only at Walmart.

Play as The Avengers to battle Loki and his minions in a 360 degree, real-world environment.

- Minimum system requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
- For optimal performance, we recommend closing other applications when playing. Older devices may experience reduced performance.

Tek Recon

For a truly unique game experience with your TEK RECON blasters, download the free “Live Action Online Gaming” app for your Android phone. Simply connect your device to the blaster to bring video-game-styled play to life through mobile and GPS technology. The free TEK RECON app enhances the blaster battle experience through first-ever innovative features such as interactive heads up display, live chat, GPS radar positioning, multiple vision modes, as well as customizable display, sounds, and more! The battle is on with TEK RECON!

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Virtual Mazda3

2014 Mazda3 in 3D.

Uncover and explore the all-new, game-changing 2014 MAZDA3.

With this app you can convert ANY MAZDA3 into a life-sized, 3D model of the completely re-engineered 2014 Mazda3. You can view models, change colours, capture video and photos, and share your new Mazda3 with friends on Facebook, Twitter or email. Check out the breathtaking KODO “soul of motion” design, explore its fuel-efficient SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and see how i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies go above and beyond to keep you safe on the road.

Can’t find an existing MAZDA3? This app creates a tabletop 3D model that you can explore in 360 degrees with our Mazda print ad or a trigger that you define.

Mazda has made it its mission to create innovative, game-changing vehicles. The all-new 2014 MAZAD3 is no exception.

Absolut Greyhound World

ABSOLUT AR – Unleash the ABSOLUT Reality experience by scanning ABSOLUT billboards in your city. Each billboard will activate one of four augmented reality experiences. The first features the "Greyhound" track by Swedish House Mafia and puts you in control of the Mixer. The Social area grants you access to ABSOLUT Canada's Facebook page, Twitter feed, recipes and upcoming events. Next, meet the Racers – choose your favourite Greyhound and watch him strut in anticipation before heading off to the races. Unlock the "bump" feature by finding the hidden Easter egg.

Mazda3 Virtuelle

La Mazda3 2014 en 3D.

Découvrez la toute nouvelle MAZDA3 2014 qui redéfinit les enjeux. Avec cette application, vous pouvez transformer N’IMPORTE QUELLE MAZDA3 en modèle 3D grandeur nature de la Mazda3 2014, qui a été entièrement repensée. À vous le loisir de choisir un modèle, de changer les couleurs, de prendre des vidéos et des photos et de partager votre nouvelle Mazda3 avec vos amis sur Facebook et Twitter ou par courriel. Découvrez l’époustouflant design KODO « l’âme du mouvement » et la TECHNOLOGIE SKYACTIV écoénergétique. Voyez aussi comment les technologies de sécurité i-ACTIVSENSE dépassent toutes les attentes pour vous protéger sur la route.

Vous n’arrivez pas à trouver une MAZDA3 toute prête? Qu’à cela ne tienne ! Cette application vous permet de créer un modèle 3D sur votre bureau, que vous pourrez ensuite découvrir sous tous ses angles avec notre annonce imprimée Mazda ou au moyen d’un mode de déclenchement que vous aurez défini vous-même. Mazda s’est donnée pour mission de créer des véhicules novateurs qui redéfinissent les enjeux. La toute nouvelle MAZDA3 2014 n’y fait pas exception.


Bring your MagnaColor stencils to life like never before. Color and create your own MagnaColor designs then scan them with your tablet to meet your characters in magical 3D. Add your favorite characters to your incredible play worlds to interact and care for them. MagnaColor - Color & Create in real 3D!

The MagnaColor toy is brought to you by Tek4Kids.

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Sepac Stamps

Bring your stamps to life with the Sepac Stamps augmented reality app.

Discover the history of Bomarsund and the rise and fall of its fortresses or the age-old castle at Kastleholm. See the diverse marine life of Guernsey and the beautiful views from the Kobba Klintar pilot station.

Share this unique experience from inside the app with Facebook, Twitter, or through email.

U.N. Radio

To commemorate World Radio Day on 13 February 2013, the United Nations Postal Administration has issued six stamps with a special augmented reality feature. This special feature allows anyone using an iPhone, smart phone or tablet to download and launch the UN Radio app, view the stamps and learn more about UN Radio through a link. This special link unlocks the wonder of UN Radio, offering programming from around the globe, from classic broadcasts to current meetings, briefings and special events.


See your stamps in a whole new dimension with LoweMartin's new augmented reality app!

Pick up Souvenir Sheets from Guernsey or the Isle of Man - online or at your Post Office. Then use this app to unlock videos with the power of augmented reality.

Learn about Guernsey's incredible Marine Life or see a video of Mark Cavendish - the Manx Missile, in the Isle of Man International Road Race.

Plus, share photos from inside the app via Facebook or email.


MIRA is a pharma app allowing users to scan print material to learn more about medical drugs.

Enjoy augmented reality experiences with the new MIRA Augmented Reality app!