My Badges - UK Scout Programme

Ideal for quick reference at meetings and camps, the app presents the requirements for every badge and award in the UK 6-25 programme.

Members and parents need never wonder where each badge goes on the jumper or shirt, with the help of the unique interactive badge positioning guide.

Features include :

• All sections of the 6-25 programme (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network).
• Promise and Law for all ages (including all permissible variations).
• Requirements for every badge and award in the UK 6-25 programme.
• Interactive badge position diagrams.
• Track personal progress.

Filled full of thoughtful usability features, the Badge Requirements view allows you :

• Use the options menu to access additional features.
• Adjust text size for easy reading.
• Share links to badge requirements with your friends.
• For multi-stage badges/awards, tap the badge to see the badge design variations.

With great graphics and images of every badge, now you can keep the entire programme in your purse or pocket.

My Badges - UK Scout Programme, has been developed under licence and is fully endorsed by The Scout Association. Content copyright 2012 The Scout Association. Based on the 'My Badges' app for Apple iOS by Duchy Software.

Scouting offers fun, challenge and everyday adventure to 400,000 girls and boys across the UK. Offering over 200 different activities from abseiling and archery to drama, street sports and water zorbing, Scouting helps 6-25 year olds grow in confidence, achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities.

For details on how to join and for fun, flexible volunteering opportunities for adults, please visit www.scouts.org.uk/join

The price of this application covers the cost of development and marketing on Google Play. Any profits made over and above this will go directly back to The Scout Association, a registered charity in the UK.

The Scout Association - Registered Charity Numbers 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland) Incorporated by Royal Charter.

My Register

My Register is a smart, convenient, portable and paperless checklist which can be used to perform a headcount and to take the register at the beginning and end of a Scout Troop meeting, school club or other group at which knowing who's attended is important.

Check our the website for more details, user guides, roadmap, etc - http://apps.eventtraffic.co.uk/

The My Register app is easy to use. It allows you to:

•Record who's in, out, and away
•Sort your list by name or by age
•Identify who's unaccounted for
•Get access to contact details in event of emergency
•See clear colour-coding to show each individual's status
•Allows you to manage multiple groups/events

Copyright 2011 AP&PS (Andy Potter & Pete Swynford)