BLU-FI Messenger

Using Blu-Fi messenger you can send messages for free using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .
People outside Bluetooth range of 15 metres can also receive messages by multi hop routing
You can send message to whole class by sending it to just one student.
Send message to one member of group and transmit it to the whole group
PC client available at :
Server can be downloaded from :
Based on the Breadth First Search based multi hop message traversal !!!


A cool and useful Sensor based Personal Assistant. More features being added constantly.
What makes it different :
Automatic call rejection when you are driving(you need to switch on your GPS while driving for this feature)
Proximity sensor to start or stop music
Shake right to go to next song, shake left for previous

More to come -
Wallpaper change on shake
Intelligent call rejection
Brightness control
Switch between silent and normal mode depending on surrounding noise level
Automatic music volume adjust based on noise level

better GUI and Customization on its way...
Enjoy :)


uTracking, Your personal location tracking system is an end to end system with server configured using OpenGTS. uTracking is an android client to interact with the server ( Sever provides very easy and interactive real time location monitoring on Google Maps with some general reports and observations.
Features of the Application:
1. Provides real time location monitoring on Google maps in android device.
2. Tabular view to display user's location detail in a table.
3. Fully compatible and configurable to any location tracking Server powered by OpenGTS.
4. Stores locations too a file in absence of internet connectivity.
5. Send current and all previously stored data to server when application runs in presence of internet connection.
6. Settings option to configure application as per user's need.
7. Friendly and intuitive user interface.
8. Compatible with almost all androids.
9. Uses GPS for location tracking.
10. Works with Network Location but with not very good accuracy.
11. End to end system for location tracking.


N-Tap uses NFC on your phone to program NFC tags based on your preference.

Want to share an event with your friends? Use "Write Events to Tag" select the event and write it on a NFC Tag. Anyone can tap their phone on to the Tag to add that event in their calendar.

Want to change multiple phone settings with just a Tap? Use "Write Preferences to Tag" to write the settings on a Tag. Next time you want to change your settings, all you have to do is tap your phone onto the tag.

You can also use "Read/Write Text" to write an message on the tag. It can be a note to someone or even a URL you want to share.