Blobby Volleyball

Blobby Volleyball is great volleyball game with dynamic gameplay and friendly controls. Used permissions are explained below description. Features:
- Versus Mode - three levels of difficulty bots
- Angry Mode - try to score as many points as you can with angry bot without losing a point (LeaderBoard integrated with OpenFeint)
- Mirror Mode - try to score as many points as you can controlling two players at the same time (LeaderBoard integrated with OpenFeint)
- Multiplayer - play against other person using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (When behind router, you need to open port 27454 in order to host game for someone from outside your LAN. Link to tutorial: )
- Achievements integrated with OpenFeint
- Four types of control (slider, sensor, arrows and physical keyboard)

Explanation of the permissions:
READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY -> used by MPL library to allow in app payments for ad blocking (
DISCOVER KNOWN ACCOUNTS -> e-mail for OpenFeint integration
VIEW NETWORK STATE & VIEW WI-FI STATE -> check if Wi-Fi or network enabled
CHANGE WI-FI STATE -> enable Wi-Fi when you want to play over Wifi
FULL INTERNET ACCESS -> for playing over Wi-Fi
PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING -> allows an application to prevent the device from going to sleep.

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Thanks to Daniel S. for German Localization :)

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Funny Sounds Factory

If you want to set sound as ringtone, notification or alarm you need to long click on specific sound.

Funny Sounds Factory is a unique collection of 320 sounds in 10 categories. Features:
- Gallery Mode shows you a list with all sounds grouped in categories
- Shaker Mode plays random sound when you shake your phone or click the dice
- Bomb Mode plays sound with selected delay, it is useful when you want to scare someone
- Favourite Mode shows you buttons with favourite sounds
- Setting as ringtone, notification or alarm
- Adding your own sounds to application (click menu button for information how to)
- Beautiful widgets :)

Enjoy these funny sounds effects! Send your opinions and suggestions to :-)

If you install the app on the SD, Widgets won't work! This is a requisite from Google.

Explanation of the permissions:
WRITE_SETTINGS -> To change the ringtones and notifications.
INTERNET -> To show ad (only if internet is connected)

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Empty Bowl Widget

Empty Bowl is free widget for Android system. The aim of this campaign is to improve standards of being of suffering animals in shelters by collecting funds from advertising. Click everyday. Animals are waiting for your help! 70 clicks. That's what it takes to improve living conditions of one animal living in an animal shelter. For more information visit!

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