Dead Run : Brave

Dead Run : Brave is about Rufus, the bravest, who has gotten into the dead trigger rescuing his space. It has been transformed into the city of Walking Dead by deadly monster starving for eternity. He wants to send his enemy Into the Dead. The death trigger was pulled when the brave monster went into a temple throbbing dead troll slaying his space folks. Rufus figured this assault will have to be as a warrior against this dark avenger.
His bravery was a battle against the injustice going on for eternity in his space. Rufus volunteered to get Into the Dead run for the greater good. He is planning a jungle run to save his space from the walking dead monster or decide to be dead yourself. He has dug dark, dead pits promising the dragon into a jungle run driving him Into the Dead. The dark deadly monster has started bloodshed in the Walking dead city turning it into dead space. The people have made peace with the dark slayer sending them Into the Dead run but not him.
In this avenger's run Rufus has Tutu to take up this deadly battle with him against this dragon. This dead run can trigger mass killings by the walking dead monster or can be dead yourself. This temples running game where Rufus’s as an avenger is going to send this monster Into the Dead darkness. Will this be written as the temple racing story, telling rise of glory or fall of the walking dead?
From the makers of Angry Temple Gorilla, Dead Run: Brave is going to be another deadly jungle running game available for free.
• This Jungle run game has 2 new features and interesting surprises like strikingly beautiful gems and parachute goodies as you go along.
• Watch as these special gifts trigger Rufus to space out the deadly chaser
• There is a separate temple of achievements and awards where the fastest will have the glory.
All Android gamers out there – Dead Run : Brave will get you running!

Brave Temple Gorilla: Bombs

With nearly 50,000 downloads and more that 200+1s in its first run, this is the best temple killing game!

The story of the Brave Temple Gorilla revolves around Coco Jingo, a brave gorilla. Jingo is the avenger who spends all day just eating heavenly coconuts of the abandoned Holy Coconut Temple in the dense tropical jungle of Bongo Land. His possessiveness and insatiable love for the coconuts has made him quite sensitive to the territory. Things seem to be going fine when one day the animals and bugs of the jungle make up their mind to invade the temple and get their hands on the scrumptious fruits of the ruins. They were all geared to carry out the invasion, forgetting one major point – Jingo isn’t a happy gorilla! And he is not afraid of anyone either. He’s one brave temple guardian!

Prepared to give the intruders a tough time, Jingo becomes a fruit ninja and makes full use of the coconuts that he has in his temple. It is time to feel the anger of the brave ape as he squeezes and whooshes the invaders aside. Now play the role of Jingo, the avenger and help him give the animals and bugs a tough time. There will be challenges… lots of them! Starting slow and steady to make you understand the game play, you will need more stringent timing as the game progresses. The brave gorilla will have to be at his best to ensure his temple stays clear from any harms. Be part of an exciting gaming experience and enjoy the sounds as the coconuts hit the intruders.
There are different animals and insects that Jingo has to hit. This includes the ferocious alligators, not the nice ones you see in “Where’s my water? 2”, misleading turtles of TMNT, bugs and birds . The big fish are the bugs and birds and if you manage to hit them, you get awesome bonus points. Watch as the coconut squishes the bugs and alligators! The trickiest of all are the lizards that are poisonous. You need to jump over these, as nimbly as the avengers would, since coconuts can’t be thrown at them. Failing to do so will cost you a life, so beware!
Just like Temple Run, you will instantly enjoy the fast paced Brave Temple Gorilla. However, if you want to play a slow paced game like angry birds star wars II, you may not like the adventurous, action packed Temple Gorilla. You can even blast bombs to kill all the birds. Its action will keep you riveted just like the Star Wars II

People who liked Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars II and Angry Piggy would definitely love the angry look on the Gorilla this season. If you have played Temple Run Brave or stupid zombies get ready to play Brave Temple Gorilla, it’s a totally different experience!
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Mega Running

It is a mega run, one of those endless running games that takes games to a whole new level. The objective is simple. Rescue yourself at all costs from the clash. You as a caveman have all the tools to this mega run, dash and jump in this game from the monster for your clans - just be fast and dash through the stampede of rocks avoiding that big bad monster on your tail. It is great to have your pet with you to the rescue though. It is the clash of two clans in the jungle, It is the monster against you - the runner. It won’t be easy, but it will be a fun jungle run worth remembering. You also have the superpowers like mega boost and shield to protect. With the graphics so crystal clear and the controls so responsive, it seems that the crazy yet brilliant developers at Appstellation have given life to their own nightmares, or dreams if you can avoid monster's hunger .The only word of advice - run like hell !

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Monster Vs Piggies

It all started one dark Halloween night when our walking dead zombie monster warlord went after the bad piggies. The game Monster vs Piggies is the story of a zombie monster warlord who is tapped out and would like to catch some sleep but due to the tiny monsters in his neighborhood he can't. It was a different story before when he used to be a singing monster proudly singing ‘I’ll get up when pigs fly’. Gone are his singing days its high time to sharpen the blade and tap out the tiny piggy who won’t have infinite surfing. But these surfers, angry piggies and bad ghosts, are determined. As if life here wasn’t scary enough with the angry piggies, Frank’s neighbors, the ghosts are relentless and he needs to stay away from them. It is a whole guild of walking dead villains and truckload of bad-luck surfing around for the zombie monster!

It’s the Halloween midnight, and these surfing piggies aren’t cutting our zombie monster warlord any slack and he needs your help till they are tapped out. It is your responsibility to help zombie Frank tap out the tiny monsters by smashing pumpkins and spikey blade balls at them.

The horror story keeps getting spookier. Don’t forget to watch out for the 2 dragons! These dragons shoot fire at the walking dead monster like a blade surfing through , but it’s your job not to let them catch him. Dodge the fire blades to survive infinitely. This crazy chase will never end until you smash the tiny pig surfers and calm down our walking dead angry zombie monster. Be the best pumpkin smasher you can be and tap the pig surfers out so that our hero can have his life back and get a tiny bit of sleep.

Smash the pigs, scare the ghosts, protect the walking dead zombie monster, that’s your mission. Once you play this game, you’ll never stop raving about Monster vs Piggies and the guild of highly interesting challenges are going to keep you on your toes. Unlike Monsters Inc run, Monsterama Planet and Plants vs Zombies 2 It’s going to be truckload of fun with the ultimate zombie monster warlord and pig surfers.

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It doesn’t matter you’ll still love this HD game whether you’re in school or university.

Angry Temple Wars

Angry Temple Wars is set in a badland space far away from everyone just like a fictional universe right out of the Star Wars. Our star Gorilla was enjoying his badland temple when angry birds gave him a run for his life. Now he is up against all the viciousness of the jungle space.

A peace loving being to begin with, angry Gorilla likes living in his temple and enjoying all the treats of the badland space. However, this doesn't sit well with the other creatures namely, the flappy birds, alligator and the lizard. They try their best to disturb the star gorilla, Coco Jingo, which obviously makes him angry. This situation breaks out into an all-out star war outside the temple, disturbing the peace and puts Angry Gorilla in an awkward dilemma - ‘the star wars against the angry birds or to let angry birds go!

The brilliant minds at Appstellation who brought you 2 exciting games ‘Dead Brave Run’ and ‘Angry Temple Gorilla’ are back with yet another exciting arcade game, ‘Angry Temple Wars’. Its brilliant graphics and smooth game play will keep you on the edge. This is nothing like any Angry Birds Go! , Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Rio or Temple Run but has its own unique angle. You as the Angry Gorilla will have to dodge the eternal enemies – stealthy lizard. Coco Jingo as our angry Star warrior will need your help to protect his temple and stop all these angry birds before they flap away. In these wars, take on the offensive by hitting the alligator with your weapons. And if you hit the alligator or the angry birds, you get points. The game comes with an impressive star rating which is a testament to its popularity. So gear up and get ready with your weapons.

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Omega Run - Amazing Superhero

Omega run is set in a sonic megapolis where everyone is enjoying holidays fiesta . During one of his games, he caused himself a free fall. He felt frozen with pain & racing temples. This frozen free fall is hard for him but he wants to take action against this injustice believing gods among us. He met Dr. Kreiger, who later became his pet rescuer, told that in his hay days, he developed a drug which worked on Grayson as well. He felt sonic dash running through him and decided to use his sonic dash to declare a war against the injustice in the city.

The people of this megapolis were enjoying Christmas season & holiday fiesta whereas angry Xander was on a hunger run, proclaiming himself to be the despicable monster for infinity. He is indeed the despicable villain responsible for putting the city into danger with his hunger run. He claimed to take-over the megapolis but brave Omega swore to make it a hay day infinitely for this despicable monster in his hunger.

Everyone is enjoying the action of the fiesta yet the injustice is that brave Omega is on the infinity temple run again. The angry monster is spreading his version of ‘Christmas cheer’ by attacking like a deer hunter. The temple of obstacles adds to the action infinity and this monster might think he has superior sonic dash but he doesn't know is that Dr. Krieger - his pet is here to his rescue like a bird. Other games like Pet Rescue Saga, Temple Run : Brave , Temple Run : OZ , Angry Gran Run , Monsters, inc. run and Doodle Jump pale in front of Omega Run.

From the doodles of Angry Temple Gorilla , Dead Run : Brave , Brave Temple Gorilla and Mega Running we now present one of the best running games of 2014.
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Tickets Mate - Event tickets

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Excite Tickets

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