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Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

ArcSoft, Inc
One-tap makes you look great!

Apply a natural touch-up or a sizzling makeover to your face with amazing results. Perfect365 is a one-of-a-kind portrait app that allows anyone to easily select trendy makeover styles or fine-tune every detail of their face to get perfect portraits. It's fun. It's easy. You'll want to enhance all your party photos and share them with everyone!

Key Highlights:

• One-Tap Touch up and Makeup - Choose from predefined one-touch cleanup and makeover styles
• Instant Facial Feature Mapping - ArcSoft’s algorithm allows for accurate mapping of facial regions
• Cleanup Features – Remove blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, soften skin, and whiten teeth
• Enhancement Features – Deepen smile, enhance the nose, lift cheeks
• Makeup Features – Adjust color and intensity on skin, lips, eyes, contact lenses
• Unlimited Creativity – Settings are adjustable allowing for unlimited looks and styles
• Before and After Comparison – Easily review before and after enhancements
• Customize Key Points – Adjust key points for tilted and off-center profiles
• Updated Style Templates – New styles offered regularly as free updates
• Built-In Sharing – Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to Flickr
• Saved Looks – Save favorite looks for sharing and comparing
• Hair feature – Try on popular, stylish hair styles in different colors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m having trouble moving the key points. How do I move them?
A: We recommend using the pinch gesture to zoom in to the desired key point to make it very clear exactly which point you’re trying to move. When the whole image fits in the screen, the key points can be very close together and difficult to individually select. Second, you need to tap and hold the key point for a couple seconds until the magnifier appears just above your finger. The appearance of the magnifier means you have the key point properly selected. If you tap too quickly and pull your finger away from the screen, the key point will not be selected. Also, if you tap and hold, but don’t see the magnifier appear, you may find that you have the image selected and it will scroll the image if you move your finger. You “missed” selecting the key point—try tapping on it again.

Q: I have a picture with a face in it that says no face was detected. What happened?
A: Generally, the problem is with the source image. These are the most common reasons:
1. Subject should face directly at camera.
2. Use a high resolution photo.
3. Ensure the face is the primary region of focus.
4. Make sure to have sufficient lighting.
5. Make sure the face is large enough. If it’s too small, there’s may not be enough detail to work with.
If you think that none of these apply to your picture, we’d be happy to take a look at it and see if our face detection algorithms can be improved to support it. Contact us at and attach the problem picture.

One-Tap Beauty Styles:

01: Natural
02: Angel
03: Ocean
04: Breeze
05: Smokey
06: Velvet
07: Rose
08: Charm
09: Frosty
10: Glow
11: Silk
12: Tropics

Face Beauty Enhancement Tools:

01: Slim Face
02: Lift Cheeks
03: Enhance Nose

Skin Beauty Enhancement Tools:

01: Blemish Removal
02: Remove Dark Under-Eye Circles
03: Brighten Skin
04: Soften Skin
05: Add Blush

Eyes Beauty Enhancement Tools:

01: Eyeliner
02: Eye Color
03: Eyelashes
04: Eye Shadow
05: Brighten Eyes
06: Enlarge Eyes


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Whip - best social photo album

ArcSoft, Inc
The #1 Social Photo Album app!
Create fun albums from your phone or Facebook photos. Customize, share on Facebook & Twitter, and get tons of likes!

Whip is the new FREE way to bring your adventures to life in a social album featuring photos, music, and text. Whether you want to share your St Patrick's party photo or latest travel adventure - get tons of raves on Facebook and Twitter with your photo album. And it only takes 3 steps!

Feature highlights:
• View photo albums from the community and get inspired
• Whip out your photo album (a.k.a. a Whip) in three easy steps: select photos, select a template style, share!
• Share your Whip on Twitter, Facebook or via email
• Real album experience - auto-play Whips for a slideshow or swipe to flip the pages at your own pace, magazine- style

It’s easy to make a gorgeous photo album
• Pick 7 - 24 photos from your photo folder or Facebook
• Advanced customization includes: zoom, rotate or swap photos, add text to the cover or individual pages to spice up your Whips, and add cool music from our “indie” library
• Friends don’t need the app to view your album: they can see it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Share via email, Facebook, Twitter or on the WhipStream

A fun community
• See what’s popular and trending at a glance in the HotWhips.
• Follow your friends and other “Whipsters”; comment on and “like” their Whips

TotalMedia® Remote

ArcSoft, Inc
Use your Android phone as a remote to control video playback with ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 5.

Features: Basic controls (Play, Pause, FF, RW, Chapter Next/Previous, etc), subtitle, audio track, volume control, Menu navigation (both DVD and Blu-ray BD-J movies)

Learn more about TotalMedia Theatre 5 at


ArcSoft, Inc
The easiest way to take perfect notes with your Android phone camera. Whether grabbing content from a whiteboard, slide projection, poster or brochure, ArcNote will automatically crop and correct skewed presentations into nice visual notes. No more jotting down messy notes. No more missing important details. Save your time. Free up your hands. All you need to do is take a snapshot and let the app do the rest. Instantly share your notes with colleagues and friends.

Key Features:

•Produce high quality images from projected, written or printed notes
- Excellent quality in indoor and low-light conditions
- Store and manage all notes and share them in a PDF file

• Automatically detect and crop out note region from image
- Include text comments on each note page
- Record and add voice annotation to a note group

•Correct skewed captures
- Adjusts to straight viewing angle automatically

•Share easily
- Share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

ArcSoft LeCam

ArcSoft, Inc
*** This app is requires an IP Camera equipped with an Amberella A5s chip that supports the LeCam engine. ***

ArcSoft LeCam provides you with the most advanced cloud services including live video from your cameras, cloud video storage, and push notifications to protect your family and business.
Keep an eye on your house, kids, and pets when you aren't home.
Hassle-free setup, high quality, reliable connection, plus HD video storage in the cloud.

Hassle-free setup!
* No more complicated network configuration. 

* No more difficulty understanding signal identification. 

* Assign Wi-Fi > Name your device, and you are all set to go.

Watch live video anytime, anywhere
* High quality live video streamed to your PC and smart devices. 

* Keep an eye on your valuables at any time from wherever you are!

Reliable and private HD video recording on
* Worried about your PC or the camera being stolen?
 All the recorded videos are in a secure and reliable cloud storage location,
Watch the past unusual events on your PC or smart devices at any time from wherever you are!

Send push notifications to your mobile devices when unusual events are detected
* The camera can send a push notification to your PC or mobile devices within a minute of an unusual event being detected.
* Supports push notification system on all platforms.


ArcSoft, Inc
Turn your tablet into a remote control for media playback across all devices in your DLNA home network.

★Seamlessly connects devices within your Wi-Fi network
★Enjoy videos, photos and music throughout your home: HDTV, PC, smart phone, and tablet

☆Remote access videos, music and pictures on your DLNA certificated devices
-Access media files on PCs, smart phones, tablets, or network attached storage anywhere in the house. All media files are within reach

☆Seamlessly stream accessable multimedia files to DLNA certificated devices
- Want to watch a movie with your family? Stream movies to your large screen HDTV
- Get bored? Need to party? Stream music from your smartphone to a networked speaker in your living room
- Relive your memories by streaming your old vacation photos from your PC to your tablet
- Enjoy media playback on any device in your home without worrying about where a file is stored

☆Remote control your digital media renderers
- Access all your different media: videos, music, pictures
- Easily control media playback with your tablet

☆Friendly media management
- Sort videos by date taken or filename
- Sort photos by date taken
- Sort music by album, artist, or song

☆Cross platform support. Each platform plays a different entertainment sharing role
-Windows desktop (home media command center, media server, real-time transcoding)
- iPad (Media connector, remote controller)
- Android Tablet (Media connector, remote controller)
- Windows 8 Modern UI (home media command center, media server, real-time transcoding)
- Android Phone (Coming soon)

☆Device requirements:
- HDTV [Samsung TV (w/ Allshare), Sharp TV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic TV, Xbox 360, etc.]
- PC or Mac server (Link+, Windows Media Player, Tversity, PS3, etc.)
- WDTV Live
- Tablet, smart phone (Link+ installed)

ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry-leading software developer of multimedia imaging technologies and applications, offering fully integrated solutions to provide a complete user experience that spans across smart phones, feature phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and cameras.


ArcSoft, Inc
Don't miss what you're missing at home!

Closeli is a cloud service that powers your home video monitoring needs. Free Closeli services include live video monitoring, as well as motion and sound alerts.

Whether you just want to check in once a day on what happened, or you’re leaving for a long weekend, or even if you’re away on travel and want to make sure everything is ok, Closeli Recording Services have a plan for you. Closeli Recording plans all include facial tracking, so you're alerted when someone's there.

Closeli Services power simplicam, the Wi-Fi home video monitoring camera.