Hindu Gods and History

This is an application which helps you to learn about Hindu gods history, temples, Festivals and much more.
This application contains all basic God's history, concepts of the holy book (Bhagavad Gita), Ramayana, Mahabharata, Chalisa and Aarti.

India is a very diverse country and we respect all religions! I have started making apps for the religion I follow.

In a way, all religions have mostly the same center! So, respect all religions.

Thanks for downloading this app.

Good suggestions are always welcome.

God Bless you all! :)
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City Weather

Latest Weather has been updated with 100% perfection in version 20.. It will provide you more details about the weather. C, F, Weather Condition, Humidity and Wind Direction.

Smart, Sweet and faster!

This will display Latest Weather by using Location service. Also, you can see weather for different Places in all over the world.

Don't want to praise my own application.Try it! Feel it! Use it! :)


An Indian Hindu Horoscope

This application is based on Indian astrology. You can check your daily Horoscope(Bhavishavani). It is based on your Zodiac Sign (Rashi). It will give you a very positive energy in the start of the day.

I have recently added horoscope for weekly, monthly and yearly! You can read a motivational quotes every time you open the "Motivation of the Day!" page.

I want to say thank you for using my previous application related Hindu Gods Called "Hindu Gods and History".

Try to read it everyday to know, how your day will be.

This will affect mostly to Indians, who born in Indian time zone.

Thanks a lot for using this application.

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IP Tracker

If you enter IP Address or Domain Name, It will show all information about that IP or Domain.

You don't have IP Address! No Problem. Just type domain name and you will get IP Address and all other information.

This is very useful & powerful Application to track people as well as fake companies.

City Weather Latest

Small, Smart and Sweet!

This will display Latest Weather by using Location service. Also, you can see weather for different Places.

Don't want to praise my own application.Try it! Feel it! Use it! :)

Kids Balloon Mathematics

When I was a kid, I really did not like to learn maths. Its tought!! Agree?? :) I made this game to make it easy.

After finishing my masters in computer, I have decided to convert learning maths in to fun. So, I am planning to make some applications(Games), which will help your kid to learn maths with fun!

This application will help you to learn Compare, Add and subtracts numbers.

Hope, you care about your kids and you will like my idea!

Thanks for trying!!

This game has beautiful sound effects, which will help your kids to have fun with learning maths.

Ideal Weight Calculator

As per the name, this application will help you to find out your Ideal age. You need to enter your age, height and gender.

This application will show you result depends of four different scientist researches.

Motivational Age Calculator

This App is combination of Motivational Widget and Age Calculator.

I think we need some motivational force to be successful, confident and happy. There is a widget which will provide you that positive thoughts.

You can easily calculate you exact age!
You can also see your age as :
Total age in Seconds.
Total age in Minutes.
Total age in Hours.
Total age in Days.
Total age in Months.
Total age in Years.

Tic Tac Toe(Boy-Girl)

This is a Tic Tac Toe for a couple! A boy and A girl can try and prove that who is best!! :)

Thanks for playing! God bless you both! :)

Places Finder and Sender

Hello Android Users!!

Android is the best! Right? :)

Thanks a lot, for trying this App.

What makes this application unique.

1) It will show you the most updated location in(Dec 2011) nearby you.

2) It will show you the shortest path between your current location and Final destination.

You can send address and contact detail fo any place through E-mail, Blue-tooth, SMS etc. You can call directly to the destination and check, if they are available.

Once again, Thanks a lot for trying this app. I will add search by name option in my next version.

Please, let me know If you have any suggestion.

Learn AtoZ (American Accent)

If you are expecting something different then do not download this application. But, if you want to learn and want your kids to adopt American accent from childhood then, this application is very useful.

Killer Rabbit

This is very fun loving game! Its a fight of a Rabbit! And, you need to help him to kill enemies who are trying to kill him.

You need to touch and hold them for a sec and robbit will shoot them. But, It they will be many eventually. So, after a point u need to tap your self to block their arrows with killing them.

All the best!

And, Thanks a lot for playing this. I really appreciate this. God bless u all!

Android Developer Help

This Application's main purpose is to help android developers. As we all know, it is tough to check different kind of screen size and screen type. This application will help you to understand phone details, which is necessary for android app development.

This application includes:

1) Screen density and screen type
2) GPS , wi-fi : enable or disable
3) Device version, Device SDK version.
4) Device language.

Hope, it will be helpful to you all developers.

Language Translator Latest

This is a very useful application if you are dealing with many people from different countries or if you're interested in learning different languages.

This application will help you learn the pronunciation of different languages ​​and spells.

It can translate Hindi, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian. It prounciation support for German, English, French, Spanish, Italian.

Quick Camera

Fastest Application to send pictures. Just open --- click pic and it will show you facebook, email, gmail, flicker, picasa, peep to share ----- click and send/share!!

Save My Locations

An application which can save your lot of time and make your life easier.

We all are social animal and we have to go to our friend's place, our family's house, preferred restaurant, favorite ground and some places where we like to go frequently.

This application will help to save all the locations. you don't have to type address or anything. You just need to click on "Current Location" button and it will save your current location in terms of longitude and latitude. You have to mention the place name so, that way you don't get confuse between the places.

It’s really easy to use and affordable (It’s free!!) There are some application in the market which charges $2.00 to $3.00 and does the same thing and they are not that reliable.

Happy Modi Abki Bar ModiSarkar

Abki Bar Modi Sarkar.

This is the most exciting and fun game as far as applications about Modi concerns. It has so much excitement after you cross the score of 50.

Let's play and have some fun.

Thanks for trying this Awesome game.

One Word A Day (Facebook Page)

My vocabulary sucks! :) So, I have started learning one word a day. I have created a Facebook page where I will post one word a day. So, FACEBOOK users can learn one word a day and write sentences about that word every day on that page. This process will help to remember that word very smoothly.

This application is to support that page. This Application will show you each word every day. You can also see the previous words as you scroll down.

You will also see that FaceBook page through this application. So, you can read and type a sentence on that page via this application..

Hope, this application help people like us, who wants to learn english vocabulary. :)

Thanks for downloading and using it.

Nearby Doctors

This is a Must Have application in your phone. I haven't made this application to make money. I just want to help humans in emergency.

Imagine you are in some unknown area or you are travelling with you family. All of a sudden some one from your family is getting sick or need some emergency to see a doctor. You don't know any one else in that area and you have to find a specialist doctor. Scary!! Isn't it?

We are providing all kinds of doctor information nearby the place you are in that emergency.

I would feel like making million $ even if it can help 1000 people.

Tic Tac Toe(Boy-Girl) Pro

This is a Tic Tac Toe pro for a couple!

You can upload your own pictures instead of O and X. You can add your bf's or gf's picture or you can also use celebrity pics.

A boy and A girl can try and prove that who is best!! :)

Thanks for playing! God bless you both! :)