cPerdidas. Missing calls.

cPerdidas is a simply program that can do a missed call automatically with your Android smartphone. It includes shortcuts and a simple interface that can do a missed call with a simly screen tap.

The new features of cPerdidas:
- New and better user interface.
- Do missed calls without put your mobile in your ear.
- Translated (English, spanish)
- Do missed calls with desktop shortcuts

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Mine Rush. Minesweeper.

Mine Rush the most exciting minesweeper!

MineRush brings to you the classic minesweeper reinvented. Play alone or with your friends with the leaderboards and achievements. Unlock all the achievements and overcome your records. MineRush offers a very quickly interface for play as fast you can in any place, only execute MineRush and play in seconds.

- 3 Difficult modes
- Leaderboards
- Achievements
- Neat interface, easy to play

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Ararauna Twitter Tracker.

Ararauna is a tool related to the world of Twitter, focused on the marketing. Ararauna offers some functionalities that Twitter does not offer by default, as for example the possibility of monitoring changes on your followers/friends list. This program is intended for advanced Twitter users who want to obtain some information from their account that Twitter does not offer by default.

Ararauna uses the new Twitter API 1.1, which has some limitations related to requests. As a consequence of this, Ararauna can not ensure to manage lists greater than 75.000 followers or friends properly. This limit may change as Twitter decide to restrict more, or less, their API. Also twitter are allowing X request every X minutes (actually 15-15) in some requests, so can see sometimes a message showing "Twitter limit request" this is a twitter limitation so if you wait 20 min the app will work normally.

Multi User. Manage all your twitter accounts.
Follows/unfollows history.
Lists for managing follow back, and automatic tool to follow or unfollow.
Lists of followers/friends.
Account summaries.
Klout and Favstar integration.
More will come :)

Due to users request here is the list of requested permissions and why we are using:

Needed to make requests to twitter

Ararauna uses a cache for images, this 2 allows to store and read images from storage and reduce data consumption

This is needed to check that your device has a available connection

This is used to connect with play store and remove ads if you want.

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Tea Timer - Temporizador de té

TeaTimer is a program that facilitates tea preparation. With TeaTimer, we can forget about counting how long each tea takes to make, since the program itself includes them within a small list. We can also save our favourite teas for later use. All this comes with a very relaxing atmosphere and sound. If you like tea and don't have TeaTimer, what are you waiting for?

Main features:
- Posibility of create new teas.
- The app advices you also when you are not in the app.
- Relax sounds (with ability of turn off).
- Default teas.

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