Big Android BBQ

Introducing the official Big Android BBQ App!

Attending the BABBQ? With the app you can:

- View and plan your schedule! Receive reminders on your device and on Google Glass so you won’t miss your favorite sessions.
- Read about the speakers! Check out the who’s-who of experts dropping knowledge this year.
- Connect with people! - Meat (uh, meet) a new friend? Connect with the app using NFC and quickly grab their info to discuss that awesome app idea you came up with, or to hit the bar later!
- Earn pins! Who doesn’t like earning cool stuff? Complete tasks like connecting with people and checking into places to unlock awesome virtual pins you can show off to your fellow attendees!
- See our sponsors! Without their help, we wouldn’t be here.
- Read our news! There’s a bunch of interesting tidbits about speakers, sponsors, and other things going on at the BABBQ, and now you have easy access to it all.

Not attending the BABBQ? With the app you can:

- Get excited about going next year! Right?