Thoughtful puzzles and striking aesthetics make LAD an atmospheric adventure you must experience.

Immerse yourself and unravel the cryptic story throughout LAD as you uncover the mystery within.

LAD:Run - The Beginning

Go back to the beginning, where it all started.

Experience the adventure with fast paced action, beautiful graphics and an addiction to play just one more time!

Unlock all characters, the full original soundtrack and a variety of power ups on the way.

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Crossbar Challenge!

Do you think you’re good enough for the Crossbar Challenge?

Try your luck in this addictive football game we all know and love. You’re aim is to call on all your skills and be precise enough to hit the crossbar. This may sound easy but to be the best , its going take some unbelievable tekkers! The twist with this Crossbar Challenge is that with every crossbar hit, the goal will become further away.

No need to worry about tutorials, just dive straight in and show us what you’ve got. The controls are that easy, you just select where you would like to aim and you’ll see a trajectory line giving you a good indication what the path the ball will follow.

This game features 2 game modes;

Arcade – In this mode, you have 3 lives to hit as many crossbars as possible.

Tekkers – This is the mode for the pros. In this game you will have a wall you have to curl the ball over in order to hit the crossbar.

Your stats will be tracked as you play. Return to the menu to see how many shots you have fired in total, how many crossbars you have hit and what you’re live ratio is for shots taken in-between hitting crossbars.

So rather than big yourself up, you can now prove yourself! Anyone can score in a big goal, but can you hit the crossbar?

Line Ar(X)

Line Ar(X) is a throw back to the awesome 80′s retro vibe. The game challenges to you think, it asks you be precise and it offers a lot of enjoyment and fun in return.

The aim of the game is simple, aim, fire and get your ball to the target goal.

Line Ar(X) progresses with new obstacles and challenges at a comfortable rate designed to obstruct you getting to the target goal, these feature;

* Spinning platforms
* Stretching obstacles
* Rebounding objects
* Destroying platforms
* Gravity pulling and manipulating pods
* Portals for teleportation
* Repelling pods

Line Ar(X) will take you through a 'thinking' adventure whilst enjoying an Original Soundtrack designed for the game.

Top all this off by competing with users all over the world in Game Center … Can you be the best?

Guess The Footballer!

Guess the name of the footballers who have been created like caricatures. Have awesome fun with Guess the Footballer! and see how many players you can recognise.

Huge amount of players and the difficulty increases as you progress. Can you guess them all?

√ Simple, instant enjoyment!
No Registration is needed, no messing around, straight to the game. Its super easy to get started. Enjoy the puzzle fun immediately.

√ Updated FUN
Enjoy the caricatures that provide instant enjoyment. We don't want you getting bored and will look to continuously update the game with brand new puzzles for players. Your fun will continue throughout the season :)

√ We WANT your feedback and player!
Got to the end and not seen a player you would of liked to have seen? Please write a review or better yet send us an email, we'll look to add these in an update.

Do you know your footballers?

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Helmet Hero

** The survival of the Gizzle’s is in your hands **

A retaliation mission is served when the Helmet Hero’s decide to kamikaze into the evil ‘Goots’, who are holding the Gizzle’s captive in a desperate bid to take over their unique worlds!

Using simple mouse controls, you will need to aim the Helmet Hero’s at the Goot’s to wipe them out. Once you have cleared the path of all danger, a switch will appear which must be pressed to release the Gizzle’s.

You will need to fight across 5 environments in a huge 50 levels. Be warned though, you will need timing, precision and skill to overcome all the defenses they have in place to prevent your attacks!

Good Luck, step up and become a HELMET HERO.