PubMed Mobile

Search PubMed database with over 21 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals

Keyword search with options
Save search query
Save citations
Email citations
View abstract
link to full article if available

Post a comment for an article to public
Write a note to yourself
View public comments for an article

search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box

Pro version has more feature. Please give a try

Medical News

This app will keep you updated with the latest news from "MedPage Today".

Link to MedPage website for full article

Key: Minerals (Earth Science)

This app is for students of earth science and
geology enthusiasts.

It is an interactive key to identify common minerals.
Simply select a characteristic of a mineral and
enter the matching character values, such as
color and luster. The app will present you
with possible identifications including the
details and images of minerals matching the
input criteria.

List of characters
List of minerals
Touch to select or enter value
Displayed selected character values along with minerals

Offline use
Auto-saved character status

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Speed Dial

Add shortcuts on the home screen to call, to put the number in dialer, to SMS/email, in just one single touch

multiple e-mail/sms in single icon
editable label
default SMS message, email subject/content
"Widget" with bigger icon
pick any photo from your phone

New: add search, fast scroll for a large number of contacts

It is better than default function:
* option to dial directly or to place the number in dialer
* email and text message
* add as shortcut or as widgets with bigger icon


This is a plant database for plant lovers and plant professionals to get quick info about plant classification, characters, distribution...

You can browse plants by families, genus, search by common name or scientific name, and state. The detail species page include major characters and distribute map, and linked to USDA web site for detail information.

You can use it in a field trip, write a note about a plant, take a photo using the phone camera, select a photo from the phone. It is all at your finger tip.

You can save the plant locations and later view all of them on a map.

You can also group them, and add various species into different groups for easy access.

Note: Data are from USDA plant database (2006), with 541 families, about 5000 genea, and 50,000 species. If have other data sources, please let me know. We can make it better. I am a plant lover too!

PubMed Mobile Pro

More features in Pro version:
tap to search an author
tap to search the journal
related citations

Post a comment for an article to public
Write a note to yourself
View public comments for an article

search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box

To migrate your saved articles into the pro version:
install the pro version
start the free version
press menu on the initial screen of the free version
then "Upgrade"

Chinese Restaurant

Move the map and press menu "Restaurant" to find in different area. Enter zip/address by pressing menu "Location"

Zoom the map and press menu "Restaurant" to search in different range. Zoom out to search in a large area if nothing in a small area

New: performance

New app "Contact Event" to create calendar event

Easy Sync

Easily sync Facebook friend pictures to the phone contacts!

Each friend can be added as a new contact or linked to an existing contact. Once they linked, with single touch, all the pictures can be sync to the phone. You will never miss your friend updated picture.

"Add": add the friend as a new contact. Single touch to add it to the contact book.
"Select": select a contact to link to the friend
"Sync": sync the friend picture to the linked contact. Be aware that the previous icon will be gone.
"Unlink": remove the link to the contact

"Reload Friends": reload all the friends and their pictures
"Sync All Pictures": sync all the linked friends and contacts

To make the contact selection easy
press menu to display all contacts or just the contacts with phone numbers
type a letter in search box to narrow the list.

If you need more time to test, please let us know and we are quite flexible.


PubChem Mobile

Search PubChem databases using chemical names, synonyms, and keywords

Keyword with options
Save search query
Save compounds
Email compounds
View compound biological property information

New: performace

Contact Map

If you have many contacts with address, this app will help you put them on map.

You can find the contacts by simply moving the map, typing an zip/address, or using current location.

view contacts in list
make a note,
create an event, call/sms...
Support for big screen

new: group display, custom map marker, display contact name/icon

Contact Group

Group contacts for conference call, or to send group text message/email:

add, delete, rename group
add/remove contact for group
conference call
default message, subject/content

Groups are synced to Google

Texting might be limited by carrier (Verizon 10 persons at a time). Conference call might be limited too.

Call Recorder

Turn your phone into a voice recorder, and record anything!

To record:
start the app, and tap the orange "Record" button. Once you are done, you can save, play, or discard it. Tap the "Background" button will keep recording in the background so you do other stuff on your phone while recording. A label can be entered for the recording when saving.

To record phone calls:
Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. Each comes with three setting options.
"No Record": do nothing.
"Record All": record all the calls. Recording will start automatically if a number is dialed or a call is answered. It will stop automatically once the phone hangs up.
"Manual": record the call manually. When a call is in process, an icon will appear on the notification bar. To record, swipe down the notification, and hit the "Start recording".

The default is "Record All". To change the setting, start the app, and press "MENU" => "Setting". Tap "Outgoing Call" to change the setting for outgoing. Same for "Incoming Call"

Whenever a recording is in process. An icon will always appear on the notification bar. Swipe down the notification bar, tap "Stop recording" to stop the recording.

Beware: it is illegal to record calls in some countries. Get the consent before recording.

To delete a recording:
long press the recording, a menu will pop up, tap "Delete" to delete it.

For call recording, the other party's voice is much lower. Turn on "Speaker" phone will help. To turn on "Speaker", hit "MENU" on the dialing screen, then "Speaker".

All the audio files are stored in SD card under the directory of "Call_Recording". You can mount and copy them to a computer. The file is in common 3gpp format, and can be played in QuickTime. File name has three kind of prefix: "In" for incoming call, "Out" for outgoing call, and "Rec" for recording. If a phone number or label is existing, it will be in the file name for easy identification.

Notification bar is not swipable on the calling screen. Press home button first, and then swipe down.

If the SD card is mounted to a computer, it can not be used by phone.

The default setting is to "Record All" for easy testing. Change it after finishing testing.

Patent Search Free

Search over 70 million patent documents worldwide from EPO (European Patent Office).

* Simply enter keywords and start the search.
* Automatic loading at the end of scroll.
* Detail view of abstract and other info
* Easy link to EPO web site

Give a try, it is free!

This is a third party application and not related to the official EPO (European Patent Office). The app calls the Open Patent Services (OPS) provided by EPO, and all the data belongs to EPO. Please visit for the terms and conditions of use, license, and other information.

Contact Event

Select contacts and create Google calendar events. All the contact phone numbers and emails are displayed in description for easy access.

calendar selection
custom event title

Fully sync with Google Calendar

New: fast scroll; search upon typing; add address; remember calendar selection

Fixed for OS2.2

Picture Frame Dial Widget

Display your favorite picture on home screen, associated with a phone number. With a single touch of the picture, the number is placed in dialer.

With the app, you can:
* easily dial a number by simple touch of the picture.
* let grand parent see your picture and talk to you with single tap
* let kids call home by pressing the home picture
* impress your special one with a big picture on home screen, and dialing number.

* resizable picture on the home screen.
* select any contacts
* phone selection if a contact has multiple phone numbers.
* select & crop picture

Note: This is a widget and can not run

Key: Plant Families

This app is for both amateur plant enthusiasts and professional botanists.
It is an interactive key to identify a plant to its respective family.
You select characters and enter their values, such as flower color; the app will present you with possible identifications including family details and images.

List of characters
List of families
Select character
Touch to select or enter value
Displayed selected character values along with taxa
offline use
auto-saved status

The dataset for the app is adapted from the Flora of China Project (
The web version can be found

PathKey is an interface for accessing interactive identification keys in DELTA format. Visit for more information.

Email Contacts

A simple way to print or backup your contacts. Easy, secure, and no monthly fee.

How does it work:
The app helps you create a contact file, and email it as attachment.
HTML format with phonebook layout for view/printing in browser. Outlook CSV, VCard, and Google CSV for import. You can email to yourself or someone else.

Special Call

Let your phone ring for special someones, even in silence mode.

You silence the phone, but you do not want the silence from someone special: girlfriend, dad, son, wife, husband. I know you want to silence some forever :)

The app let you make a list of contacts, which will ring even the phone is in silent mode.

With this little app, the phone will always ring for your special call.

* Allow selected contacts to ring through when your phone is in silent mode

* Don't ever miss important calls

* Let unwanted calls go to voicemail without ever being bothered

Medical Codes

Search MedlinePlus coding information.

Problem Codes
Medication Codes
Lab Test Codes

Easy Checkin

Only 3 easy taps to checkin Facebook:
1. tap to start the app
2. tap the place
3. tap "Checkin" button, Done! No more scroll, page flipping.

How do it work?
Once the app starts, it shows a map with your nearby Facebook places. Simply tap a place, and you are checked in.

There are several ways to checkin, with a easy single tap, speak a few words, shake the phone, or bring in your friends, all with your preference. Here are the detail:

* "Check In": check in with entered message
* "Easy In!": single tap to checkin
* "Shake In!": you know want to do
* "Speak In!": say something to checkin
* "Bring In!": tag friends with you to checkin

When the move the map, the app will automatically search the nearby places close to the map center. The option can be turned off for slow network connection

Give a try! You will like it!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Speak for me

Let the phone speak for you!
* Train your phone to say the things you wish you could say
* Tease a friend or quiet a co-worker with your phone
* Don't get in trouble for what you say; blame your phone instead

The app lets you create a list of texts, and with a tap of "Speak" button, the phone will speak out the text.

You can add, edit, and delete text text entry. Each entry could have a note too.

Enter any text, save it, and let the phone do the talk.

Supported languages:
English (US)
English (UK)

Have fun!

Contact Finder

Find contacts by phone number, email, company, note, street, city, zip code, as well as by name.

Search by partial word
Highlight search term
Voice search (beta)

tested for large number of contacts

Free trial version "Contact Finder Trial" available

Entrez Sequence

Search Entrez nucleotide and protein sequences which have been compiled from GenBank, RefSeq, PDB, SwissProt, PIR, and PRF

Keywords with options
Save search query
Save sequences
Email sequences
View raw sequence in GenBank format

Your feedback is highly appreciated

Medical Topics

Search MedlinePlus health topic information.

Read about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 900 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues.

All the information is from MedlinePlus.

Feedback is highly appreciated