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The Carbonite Mobile backup and security app for Android makes it easy to automatically back up your Android phone or tablet’s photos and videos to the cloud and access them anytime, anywhere. Carbonite Mobile also protects your Android device in the event it is ever lost or stolen through remote lock and destroy features.

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With the Carbonite Mobile Android backup and security app you can:

• Back up – Automatically back up all of your smartphone's full resolution photos and videos.

• Access - Browse, view & share your backed up data by logging into Current Carbonite customers can also access their backed up computer files directly through this app.

• Locate – Identify the location of your Android device on a map.

• Ring – Misplaced your phone? Sound the ringer even if your phone is muted or set to vibrate.

• Lock – Lock the screen on your device using a personalized pin.

• Capture – Think your device was stolen? Remotely activate the camera to take a photo of the person using your phone.

• Destroy –Remotely destroy all of your personal data and reset the device to its factory settings.

Tip: Download the app on all your mobile devices to access all of your backed up photos and videos anytime, anywhere. For example, you could access photos and videos on your smartphone from your Android tablet or iPad® if you have the app installed on both devices.

Please note: Backup and protection features are currently unavailable to Carbonite Small Business and iOS customers.

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Carbonite Sync & Share

This free productivity app from Carbonite functions as a global “recents” menu across all of your devices. Get instant access to whatever you’re currently working on, without needing to think ahead. Easily share documents, access previous file versions, collaborate and stay organized with Carbonite Sync & Share.

Here’s how file syncing and sharing with the Carbonite Sync & Share app works:

· Access: Keep working on your projects from any device. Access and edit your files on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet – wherever you have Carbonite Sync & Share installed!
o Save your files as you normally would – to your desktop, a project folder, wherever – and the application will pick it up. No special folders/ boxes needed.

o Use your laptop at home to open a file saved on your desktop at work. Make some edits to the file and hit save. The file will be automatically updated on your work computer.

· Share: Carbonite Sync & Share also makes sharing a file with others easy. Share your file once and continue to work on it. You don’t need to worry about having to resend each time. Everyone will get the most recent version automatically.
o Control who you allow to edit your files versus just view them
o Revert back to an earlier version at any time with the Carbonite Sync & Share file versioning feature.

· Collaborate: Simple 1-to-1 collaboration in Carbonite Sync & Share lets two people edit the same file without emailing attachments back and forth.

o Keep track of comments and edits right within the app.

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All the photos from your smartphone. Synced across all your devices – automatically.

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