Screen Timeout Toggle

Now also Works with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)!
Screen Timeout Toggle is a useful app for keeping screen backlight on even if you didn't interact with the device for a longer period. When the app is started the system is prevented from switching off the screen after the display timeout. Additionaly a notification appears in the status bar to indicate the current status of the app and to give a possibility to simply reactivate the display timeout. An additional app starter is implemented to disable this notification if you don't want it.
For easy access there is a widget, that shows the actual status and toggles it by simply one click.

Also a good solution for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which doesn't give a possibility for keeping the screen on if the device is inactive for a longer period.

If you find problems please email me. I will then improve the app, that will help you and me a lot more than negative comments!

Note: The new app doesn't change the value of Screen-Timeout in your system settings anymore!

Wifi Meter

Wifi Meter is a little tool for measuring and showing the signal level of wifi networks in your surrounding. With Wifi Meter you can find the optimal alignment for your wifi antennas or the best location for a repeater and increase the range of your wifi. Furthermore you can use it as an easy to use wifi scanner.

Static IP Toggle

A simple application that switches between DHCP-mode and static IP-configuration with only a fingertip.

Please configure static IP in the device settings before you run the app for the first time, because the app has to read this configuration.

A widget is included to show the actual status on the homescreen.

Wiki Search

With this app you can easily start a wikipedia search.

Feel free to donate ;-)

Please note: The Wikimedia Foundation isn't affiliating, sponsoring, or endorsing me in any way!