Drinking Water

Don't forget to drink water!

"Drinking Water" is an app that reminds you to drink water and tracks your water drinking habits.

(There is also a paid ads free app available on the Android Market.)

It is proven that:
• Water is one of the best tools for weight loss (it's good for your diet).
• Drinking a good amount of water could lower your risks of a heart attack.
• Being dehydrated can sap your energy and make you feel tired.
• Drinking water can clear up your skin.

(Note: if you have a task killer app installed, reminders from this app will not work.
This app does not use a constant service that runs in the background and consumes device resources).


All you have to do is set the number of cups you want to drink each day and the app will remind you during the day to drink a cup of water.

Mark every cup of water you drink and you can track your water drinking habits by going to specific day or view a monthly graph.

Turn your phone horizontally and you will get a graph of the number of cups you drank each day.
Turn it back vertically and you are back on the cups screen.

You can use this app for beer as well :)

Questions, comments and feedback are most welcome.

Temporary Wifi Widget

This widget enables you to turn the device WIFI on or off temporarily for a specific period of time.

Enabling temporarily:
- Excellent for battery saving.
- Very good when you are in a place that has Wifi and don't need the phone to be connected all the time (like in your home or office).
-Allows your device to sync with Gmail and other internet stuff.
- Saves you health (less radiation)

Disable temporarily:
- If you are in a place where the WIFI signal it very low but it does not disconnect and moves to 3G.


Add the widget to your home screen by long pressing the home screen (or other method in different phones) and select Widget-> Temporary Wifi.

Click the widget icon and a setting page will appear. Set the time and wether you want to enable or disable the WIFI and click OK. The Wifi will turn on/off. Once the specified time elapses, WIFI will turn back on or off automatically.

Blue icon -> default state
Red icon -> Wifi off
Green icon -> wifi on

Note: this is a widget. It does not have an app icon in the app drawer