StockChaos for Android is a Stock Portfolio manager that offers the following features:
- Dynamic chart with technical(SMA, EMA, BOLL, MACD, Ichimoku, ...)
- Screener (same as in Google Finance) to find stocks based on different criteria
- Price Alert Management (notification when price goes below/above a given price)
- Portfolio and Transaction Management (sync with Google Finance)
- News from Google Finance, Motley Fool Caps and Twitter
- Company Info / Financial
- Share updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN similarly to StockTwits.

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Many Thanks to Fab L. (fountainhead1978) for his continuous feedback and suggestions to improve the application.

Kivadroid: Kiva on your Droid!
Kivadroid provides an easy interface for Android phones to browse and make loans on Kiva. You can manage your basket on your phone and checkout when you are ready. Also you can browse the latest entries of the journal and browse your portfolio.

Tested successfully on Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, Garminfone and Samsung Galaxy.

Please follow @chimpler on Twitter for updates.

Special thanks to @marwansharaiha and @yuji5296