MC-Photo Live Wallpaper 500px

Best photos for your phone/tablet screens!

This Live Wallpaper displays photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Flickr, Instagram and Panoramio. You can use your local albums too.

Photos are changed automatically at user defined intervals, and they can scroll across screens and/or move as phone tilts left or right.

It can also be used as a Photo Frame application, either via native Android Daydream (only Android 4.2+ devices) or as a manually invoked Dayframe-like slideshow (all Android 2.3.3+ devices). (***)

■ Dayframe-like slideshow
■ Photo Widget
■ Filters (use Blur for Muzei effect)

Photos can be displayed as:
■ Multipicture - different photo for each screen (***)
■ Collage - several photos arranged in a collage across all screens
■ Classic - one photo across all screens

Photos can be selected from:
■ 500px categories
■ 500px user, user following, user favorites
■ 500px author name
■ Tags (500px)
■ Current weather at your location (500px)
■ Color (500px)
■ Flickr (latest interesting photos)
■ Panoramio (around you)
■ Instagram (popular or around you)
■ Local albums

There are many customization options for each selection.

Choose one of the following actions for double-tap, two-finger tap, three-finger tap:
■ Change photo
■ Change all photos
■ View photo in full screen
■ Bring up 'Quick Options' dialog with more quick functions: change fit mode, share photo, open preferences dialog...

MC-Photo is also an application so the same Options Dialog can be started through it's application icon.

Add MC-Photo widget to home screen and tap it to quickly change photos.

'Static' setting - turn this Live Wallpaper into static wallpaper changer and get maximum possible swiping performance! (Collage and classic modes.) This setting is not visible if app Preferences are opened from LWP Chooser app (use app icon or taps to invoke it from 'Options dialog').
Warning: in this mode tap actions cannot work (it's not a Live Wallpaper anymore - just a background service).

Widget shares most options with Live Wallpaper part: Collage, Photo sources, Change at interval, Filters. It also provides additional Widget-specific options:
■ Action to start chosen application when you tap the widget. (Tap vertical middle to show Widget Options)
■ User defined Caption to describe widget contents or selected action.
■ Colored frames and photo filters to blend photos into you current home screen look and feel.
■ Save and load complete widget settings (bear in mind that those are just internal settings, widget size and position is managed by launcher application).

■ Internet - to download photos from photo providers
■ Location - to get your local weather conditions (weather mode)
■ External storage - to cache downloaded photos inside globally accessible location for reuse (by app or user)
■ Network state - to check if connection is available before starting to download photos
■ Set wallpaper - to set single photo as non-live wallpaper when 'Static' setting is turned on

*** Daydream uses photos already cached by Live Wallpaper part so it won't have anything to show if you don't use Live Wallpaper functionality first.

This application uses the 500px(tm) API and is not endorsed or certified by 500px or 500px Inc.
No personal or private information is collected or transmitted by this app.

*** Warning:
Multipicture mode and wallpaper scrolling depend on your Home application.
If scrolling does not work you can check Home app's settings - there may exist an option to turn it on.
It definitely doesn't work on default Home applications of the Galaxy S series (ICS) and the HTC Sense 3.X. or ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T - they don't notify right screen position.


Panoramio 4 MultiPicture LWP

Displays Panoramio photos around your location. Optionally, you can select virtual location anywhere in the world. Program will remember the offset from your real location and display Panoramio photos from that virtual location mirroring your local movements.

* This is just a plugin for "MultiPicture Live Wallpaper" application, not a standalone live wallpaper.

Panoramio pictures have various sizes so best setting for this source in "MultiPicture Live Wallpaper" for Crop/Resize ratio is: "Show Entire Picure"

This application doesn't activate location services by itself, it just passively reads your last location obtained through other applications (so it is easy on your battery).

Showed images are cached on SD card folder: ".panoramio-image-cache/".

** Also check "Flickr 4 Multipicture Live WP" to complete your photo sources with Flickr!

MC-Photo Widget 500px

Decorate your screens with the best photos!
Use photos downloaded from popular photography sites: 500px, Flickr, Instagram and Panoramio or your Local Albums.

*** Warning: this is a Widget, not a regular application and cannot be started as such - please read explanation at the end if in doubt.

Theme designers: make your screen designs dynamic! Add and arrange MC-Photo widgets, assign actions to them, set captions, set photo filters to blend photos into your theme look and feel, configure photo source for each widget to reflect it's purpose and select change interval. You can have fully functional theme that never looks the same but is always beautiful and understandable!

Photos can be displayed as:
■ Classic - one photo in a frame
■ Collage - several photos arranged in a collage

Photos can be selected by:
■ 500px categories
■ 500px user, user following, user favorites
■ 500px author name
■ Tags (500px)
■ Current weather at your location (500px)
■ Color (500px)
■ Flickr (latest interesting photos)
■ Panoramio (around you)
■ Instagram (popular or around you)
■ Local albums

Photos can be changed at a user selected interval.

Use Actions to start chosen application when you tap the widget. (Tap in the vertical middle to show Widget Options)

Use Caption to describe widget contents or selected action.

Use colored frames and photo filters to blend photos into you current home screen look and feel.

You can also save and load complete widget settings (bear in mind those are just internal settings, widget size and position is managed by launcher application).

In the works:
■ Additional actions for tapping a widget: make a direct call to selected person... send message...

Widget is not a regular android application and cannot be found in Application Drawer with other applications. Depending on your Launcher and Android version there are usually two options to add widget to a home screen:
1) App drawer -> Widgets Tab -> MC-Photo Widget AxB -> Drag it to home screen -> Configure options
2) Long click on home screen -> Widgets -> MC-Photo Widget AxB -> Configure options

If your launcher doesn't support widget re-sizing select one of the sizes (AxB cells in home screen grid) for best fit to your design.

Some new versions can invalidate your current widgets. We will keep such changes at minimum but when it happens you may need to remove and add widgets again.

Differences Unlimited (500px)

In one way this is a classic "Find differences" application: you have to find some subtle difference between two photos.
In another way it is different from all other such applications: photos are not in the prepared pack that comes with the application - they are downloaded from immensely popular photography site: 500px and differences are generated auto-magically!

There is just one difference per photo. When you find it, next random photo is downloaded from 500px site and next difference generated.

Difference is often very hard to find but, due to high resolution pictures, unmistakable!

It also allows you to compete globally through Swarm Leaderboards. For each guess you are awarded points - faster find -> more points. If you spend more than 100 seconds to find it you get zero points.

If you got it the same second photo appears you get 1000 points. Be careful to tap only when you are certain - each wrong tap adds 10 seconds to your time.

After 20 games you can submit your score.

If you just cannot spot the difference and you don't feel like tapping everywhere just do a long tap on a photo: difference will be shown (you get zero points).

Flickr 4 Multipicture Live WP

Plugin for Multipicture Live Walpaper application providing flickr as a photo source.

Enter tags to select appropriate photos.

PG Vrijeme

Trenutna vremenska situacija i prognoza za HR i bližu okolicu.
Aplikacija je djelomično usmjerena na slobodno letenje, ali ne nedostaje izvora zanimljivih i općoj populaciji.

Aplikacija prikazuje:
SAT24 za HR i EU - vis i ir (mogućnost dohvata prethodnih slika)
Radari Bilogora i Osijek, SLO radar (mogućnost dohvata prethodnih slika), SLO radar tuča, Radar Fossalon, Munje u zadnjih 2h
Aktualne vremenske prilike u HR: DHMZ (službene meteopostaje) i (amaterske meteostanice)
Slike i meteopodaci s KOKE, JAPA, SLJEMENA, RASPADALICE (BUZET/ROČ webcam) i UČKE - dohvat ranijih slika u toku dana za JAP, RASPADALICU i UČKU.
PG najave letenja i OLC danas
SLO Aladin prognoze vjetra i naoblake (stara za 2 dana i nova za 3 dana unaprijed)
HR Aladin prognoze (HR, Istra i Kvarner, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik)
HR/ZG danas/sutra (slike i opis) te tlak i fronte EU sutra
DHMZ 3 dana HR (+1, +2, +3 dana)
DHMZ 3 dana za ZG/VŽ/RI i PU/OS/ST
DHMZ 7 dana za ZG/VŽ/RI i PU/OS/ST
Meteoadriatic 3 dana za ZG/VŽ/RI i PU/OS/ST
ARSO SLO jutri/pojutri
ARSO 'Napoved za letalstvo v besedi' i 'Računska napoved višinskih vrednosti'
Pelud, UV, Osjet ugode za HR (DHMZ)
Meteoalarm HR i SLO
SKEWT dijagrami 3 dana za Zagreb (CMC-GDPS)
Naoblaka 3 dana (meteoadriatic i meteo-info)
Nivo kondenzacije (min. visina baze) 3 dana ( i
CAPE 3 dana ( i
Vjetar na 1000m u 12h, 3 dana (
Ensemble 16 dana: tlak, oborine za ZG/VŽ/RI i PU/OS/ST (
Ensemble 16 dana: T,vjetar na 850hPa za ZG/VŽ/RI i PU/OS/ST (
Medium Range Forecast - MRF 850 T,RH,W - 6 dana
Webcams: Pleso, Samobor, Trnovec, Buzet, Roč, Dobrinj
Webcams: Ljubljana, Brnik, Lisca, Kredarica, Bovec, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Koper, Portorož (podrška za ranije slike i podrška za sve smjerove kamera na pojedinoj lokaciji)
Modis Terra i Aqua satelitske slike (jednom dnevno oko sredine dana)
Modis slika dana

'Long-tap' na sredinu slike: osvježavanje.
Dodir lijeve trećine slike: prethodni termin**.
Dodir desne trećine slike: sljedeći termin**.
'Long-tap' na lijevu ili desnu trećinu slike: pokretanje/zaustavljanje animacije (automatski dohvat sljedećih/prethodnih termina)**
**(Za izvore koji podržavaju povijest.)

Tap na sredinu slike za prikaz opcija: 'Podijeli sliku' i 'Pogledaj na punom zaslonu'

Aplikacija nakon prvog korištenja na početnom ekranu prvo prikazuje listu najčešće korištenih opcija. Kroz postavke je moguće odabrati da se umjesto prikaza te liste automatski pokrene najčešće korištena opcija.

Odabrani izvori/slike mogu se dodati kao widget na radnu površinu.
Widget može prikazati:
Radar Bilogora
Radar Osijek
Radar Lisca
Radar Fossalon
SLO Aladin danas 925 12z
SLO Aladin danas 850 12z
SLO Aladin danas naoblaka 12z
SLO Aladin sutra 925 12z
SLO Aladin sutra 850 12z
SLO Aladin sutra naoblaka 12z
SLO Aladin prekosutra 925 12z
SLO Aladin prekosutra 850 12z
SLO Aladin prekosutra naoblaka 12z
Webcam JAP
Webcam KOKA
Webcam Brnik
Webcam Lisca
Webcam Kredarica
Webcam Bovec
Webcam Murska Sobota
Webcam Koper
DHMZ danas
DHMZ sutra
Meteogram 3d Zagreb
Meteogram 3d Varaždin
Meteogram 3d Plitvice
Meteogram 3d Rijeka
Meteogram 3d Sinj
Meteogram 3d Motovun

Tap na widget za prikaz opcija: Tap na sredinu slike za prikaz opcija: 'Osvježavanje' i 'Pogledaj na punom zaslonu'. (Automatsko osvježavanje svakih 30 minuta.)

Photo Guess - 500px & flickr

Enjoy newest popular photos from 500px or flickr while playing simple photo guessing games!

There are 5 games:

1. Part of
Small distinctive rectangular part is taken from one of the 4 suggested photos. Guess to which photo it belongs.

2. Where is it
Small distinctive rectangular part is taken from the displayed photo. Find approximate area where this part belongs.

3. Which photo
Choose photo with a given title.

4. Which title
Choose title for given photo.

5. Common tag
Which tag is common to all 4 photos?


MIAB - Message in a Bottle - it's about messages traveling in a real world with help of MIAB's users that carry them around.

- create messages with unique names and original description and let them travel to random destinations
- attach pictures to your messages
- give your message bottles personality and motives, set them on a quest with a predefined goal
- steer them by limiting their movement to chosen general direction.

Pick up:
- pick up other player's messages around you that you like or find interesting, provocative, original, funny, etc..
and help them travel
- when you pick up a message leave a comment and/or photo taken on the spot (think of these comments/photos as entries in that message travel journal - owner will probably follow progress of his messages and read those comments, look at photos and learn something about a place he may never have heard of before
- or write something about yourself, tell a joke, share a thought...

- follow unpredictable paths your messages take,
learn interesting things about places they go or people that liked them
- check global top-list of most 'viral' messages and browse their paths, read their stories written in pickups

Accept the challenge: create a message that will circle the world!

Guess the Google!

Get insight into collective mind of google searchers with this simple 'google search trivia' game.

Three similar google queries are presented on each turn. You must guess the one that is most searched for.

If you guess correctly, your step count increases. If you are wrong 3 times, you go back to the beginning.

Venue Guess

Can you recognize nearby foursquare® venues from their photos?

At start application randomly selects one of the foursquare® venues around your location.
You are presented with a photo of that venue and three possible answers.
Guess which venue is represented by the photo!

If you guess correctly, your virtual location is moved to the location of that venue, new venue is selected from the list of venues around guessed one, and you guess again.

If you were wrong, you start again - your virtual location is reset to your real location.

With correct answers you virtually travel from one guessed venue to the next.

Guessed venues in one session are excluded from future guesses in the same session.

Compete on global Swarm Leaderboard!

Unique Snowflake

Yes, we are all precious and unique snowflakes taken as a whole.
But how do you fare concerning particular subjects? Find out by choosing 3 answers across a variety of subjects. (You can submit your answer only once.)

More subjects to come soon!

Search Alerts

This application allows you to monitor changes in google search results for specified queries.

You can use it to:
- monitor your site/blog search position
- monitor your SEO customizations for sites that you handle
- receive alerts when new link to your site appears on the web
- keep track of your web competition for specific products/keywords
- get news (when new high ranked page appears in results) about peoples/organizations/things/hobbies of your interest
- egosearch

You specify the query, number of results to track and check interval. In query construction you can use advanced google search operators.
Application will (via background service) periodically execute those queries and check if results differ from previously saved results for same query.
If there are any changes you receive a notification (in status bar).
In result list you can see if a result is: new, on the same position, down or up in order.
When you review the results you must explicitly save them if you want that next comparison is executed against them.
If you don't want to see some results (urls or domains) you can ignore them (long tap on the result row).

WARNING: results are obtained by using google ajax search api and they can substantially differ from results from google search page on the web.

Things In Common

This application let's you find out what you have in common with another person(s).

At the moment, it compares your Facebook friends, Facebook pages that you liked (Books, Films, TV series, Sports, Activities etc... ), Twitter friends (people/companies that you follow) and Linkedin connections.

You can compare your data with someone directly by bumping your phones or simultaneously tapping a button.

You can share your data for predefined time to anybody near you. Later you can check if someone nearby is also sharing his/her data and find out which things you have in common.

Your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin IDs or names are never shared and never sent from your phone! Only IDs (likes, friends) are sent to server for comparison and only mutual IDs are returned.

Application uses one-time temporary id, nickname, location, exact time and optional pin to match users.

Data persisted on server is deleted immediately after use (in case of direct sync) or after user-specified sharing period (in case of sharing data to nearby users). If you stop sharing before sharing period ends, your data is immediately deleted from server.