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NX Manager

Clouds' Lab
To manage your Nexus devices with 1-Click.

!!! Important: Click on button Configuration !!!


- Install Root
- Disable Root
- Download / install recovery custom
- Install OTA official
- Install ROM official
- Check update
- Dowlnoad / install CyanogenMod
- Backup ROM
- Restore ROM
- Backup Apps
- Restore Apps
- Backup data (sms, mms, calendar ... )
- Restore data
- Hard reset
- Install .apk
- Install .zip
- Download/install other custom rom;
- Download/install custom kenel.
- CPU setting
- MinFree setting
- Download/install Bootanimation
- Change icons StatusBar

Compatible with Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus One.

Technical assistance by

Falling Droid

Clouds' Lab
Catch the greatest number of Droids with "one touch shots", overcoming the difficulties of the various levels.
To get the highest score, try to keep the number of "lives" not less than 3 for the first 5 levels, with the aim to reach and activate the "swipe" bonus.

Note: This game requires Android 2.3 or later, so it will not install on older versions than indicated.

* Coming soon:
- HD Droids
- New effects
- New levels
- Online scores