CoverCamera for Social

Is your timeline cover like the ones from all your friends? Don't be sooo 90s!
You are special! So get creative and show it on your Facebook profile.

Your uniqueness is that you are a passionate snowboarder, biker, cat lover or cook? Why are you not showing it your friends: With CoverCamera for Facebook you can spice up your Facebook timeline cover and profile images.

You can create your own cover photo for free or select your favourite one from our templates.

How to do that?
1. Install the CoverCamera for App
2. Choose a motive and take a picture
3. CoverCamera will generate Automagically a Profile and Cover image
4. Upload the Profile and Cover Image to Facebook
5. Activate the Profile and Cover Image with CoverCamera
6. Enjoy you new Cover and Profile Images on Facebook.

This is BETA Software. Although this App was tested on many phones it might still not work on your special device. If this is the case please contact us at in order to fix the bug and create an update of the App. Writing a mail with a bug report will take you less time than writing a negative comment and helps us to improve the App.

This App was tested on Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Desire, Nexus One, HTC Wildfire.

Join us on We would like to hear your opinion on how we can improve CoverCamera.
We also would love to see your unique timeline covers!