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Forget Me Not

Cuibono Studios
Don't bother with your memory anymore! Now you can remember all your to-do things with this "Forget Me Not" app without writing down anything!

With Forget Me Not you can keep track of everything you want to remember. Its a real help for your busy life!

Now you can,
- Maintain many lists at the same time.
- Give priority to your tasks.
- Mark completed tasks with a single tap.
- Sort tasks alphabetically, by priority or by completion.
- Delete the completed tasks one by one or all at once.

See how easy? ;)

Money Exchange

Cuibono Studios
Go easy with ME for your currency conversions! Its a real help for your busy life.

- Allows converting to/from 150+ currencies
- One-click conversion to many currencies
- Always up-to-date exchange rates
- Easy identification with flags and currency names
- Simple and easy-to-use interface

PS: Historical graphs are on the way!

Note: Internet is required for this application to work properly.

AlertifyMe Mobile

Cuibono Studios
Share what's happening right now and around you from where you stand.

With AlertifyMe Mobile you can share what is happening at your current location with your friends right from your device. You can share a picture or a short message tagged to your location.

You can even notify your friends that there is something interesting happening at your place by tagging them to an alert.

In addition to social alerting, we have AlertifyMe Points. You will earn points while using AlertifyMe. You can redeem these points for something surprising that we will introduce later. ;)

AlertifyMe Features:
* Social alerts
* Share images and messages
* Share your locations
* Earn points for using AlertifyMe
* Friends
* Search Alerts
* Keep up to date on recent events
* Share alerts on Twitter and Facebook

How to use AlertifyMe:

* Download the app.
* Create your AlertifyMe account at
* After your registration is done, log into your account from the app.
* Upload the a profile picture and personalize your profile page
* View your friend list, and add your friends
* Click the add alert button on the top, to share whats happening at your location


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Follow us @alertifyme

Please report bugs to with a description of what happened and a screenshot if possible.

Disclaimer - The app may cause problems while sharing on Samsung devices and that we're working to resolve that error :-)