MultiClipboard for SmallApp

***** NOTE *****

I am sorry about that : for this moment, I have to stop updating this app and I strongly recommend
you to use "Floating Clipboard" instead of this SmallApp.

That's the plus version of this App and keep the conveniency of SmallApp.

Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tw.darkk6.floater.floatclip


MultiClipboard for Sony Xperia SmallApp.

Provides users multiple lists that you can quickly click and copy the item text to clipboard.
After copying the text , SmallApp will automatically shrink up for your operation.

Since v 1.5.0 it supports Xperia Z,V,T. But you MUST read this document first:
ReadMe.doc : http://w5.loxa.edu.tw/kk6/share/ReadMe.doc

( Can you help me to translate to your language ? See below for more information. )

*** Read before you complain ***
Read this document first : http://w5.loxa.edu.tw/kk6/share/ReadMe.doc
"History Clip" will NOT record items when SmallClip is not launched, it's for
power saving issue. If you'd like to record items in normal situation , use other app.

History - When SmallClip is active , it will record the latest 10 clipboard history.
Favorite - Customizable , make your own favorite texts to copy. ex: E-mail , account ,user name...etc.
Alias - Customizable, just like the favorite list, but you can decide it's display name.
Custom - Import user define list from SD card (see ReadMe page below)

For more information or known issues :

( Chinese version : http://darkk6.myftp.org/Android/SmallClipbrd/index.html )

Any question or suggestions please use Chinese or English. Thanks~

Thanks to :
Ivan Sosa - Spanish translation

Help me translate :
Can you help me translate to your language ?
Download file : http://darkk6.myftp.org/Android/SmallClipbrd/helpTrans/strings.xml

Change the description between <string></string> tag , and send the file back to me.
Remember to tell me your name (will show in the App) and your country letters
(for example : JP , zh-TW ...etc)


Floating Clipboard

Please read my help document here : http://goo.gl/T6GdMv

*** Features ****
* Floating window
* Three types of clipborad.
* Quick key-in toole
* Quick insert text to clips
* Backup current string in clipboard before copying.
* Manage clips
* Hide to notification bar.
* Iconify to small window on screen.

Sometimes you need to login some apps or web pages.
But actually, smart phones are not so convenient at typing.
This app can provide you to save some text you use frequently.
When you need to fill some forms,you can just easily click copy and paste.
Additionally , after click copy , this app will automatically narrow to icon size. It's just easy and quick.

This is the plus version of ClipWidget and MultiClipboard for SmallApp.
BUT now every can use this app now!! ( not only for Sony users!! )

** NOTE **
For Xperia Users , launch from SmallApp Dock is still under testing, if there is something
wrong, please report ANR and send me an email tell me your device name and firmware version.
If you don't do so, I can't help anything on this. Thank you!!

Android 4.0.x Xperia TX cannot laucne from SmallApp Dock , will FC

Android 2.2+ required.