Daniel Mehrmann (Akusari)


Daniel Mehrmann (Akusari)

SD-Booster speeds up your external and internal SD-Card(s) and SD-Memory up to 40 times! Enjoy a new feeling of speed on your Android smartphone anytime and everywhere you are.
Starting apps, listing to your favorite music or just swapping data with your PC ? Whatever you do, the SD-Booster improve your phone speed!

SD-Booster needs root permission to run, otherwise SD-Booster can't do anything!
SD-Booster is the only app which supports each card separately!

-MMC detection framework to support any SD-Card and SD-Memory
-Speedup every external and internal SD-Memory
-Configure each SD-Card/SD-Memory separately (New!)
-Set on system start (boot) feature
-Device monitoring (New!)
-Notification system (New!)
-Color based suggestion terms of current cache size
-Multi-Language support (New!)

PLEASE don't move SD-Booster to your SD-Card, otherwise SD-Booster doesn't work on boot!

New permission read/write SD-Card will be used for the upcoming speedtest (version 2.1).
New permission ACCESS_SUPERUSER is used by SuperSU

SD-Booster is now released under the GPL! Sources can be found on Github.
If you like to work on with me or just want to take a look it's possible now. :-)

Supported languages (so far): EN,DE,ES,FR,SK,SI,PL,IT,HU,CZ,CN,SR,ID,CR
If you missing your language and want to do a translation, please send me an e-mail.

Icons and logo by Jozef Kruszynski (Doktaphex/XDA)


Markokljuc (CR/XDA)
Khairul Agasta (ID)
Maerck (PT/XDA)
Gojko Pavasovic/rakijaman (SR/XDA)
Andres Valverde/zeratos (ES/XDA)
Daniel Mehrmann (DE)
Daniel Mehrmann (EN)
Notonlyeyes (IT/XDA)
algerie_24 (FR/XDA)


Daniel Mehrmann (Akusari)
AndroidInside gives you the best news and informations around Android. Our experts will help you to find all about hard - and software and apps as well.
AndroidInside comes with a nature look & feel with many great features. One of them is a fully "swipe" history support for your browser! You can read articles like on an (e)-book.


-Native look & feel (Holo-Theme)
-Notification service
-Sort and/or highlight articles
-Article style settings
-Search text/articles
-Disqus comments with facebook,twitter and g+ support
-Article screen with history swipe support
-Article list with "Pull-to-refresh" support
-Share with everything
...and many more

Version 1.1.0

-new send tipp to android inside (app sharing)
-new URL redirection dection for Android 2.x devices
-new better color handling
-new liststyle "modern"
-new retain configuration support for article screen
-new swipe support for comment screen
-new Google+ support (article screen)
-new Facebook support (article screen)
-new move with "< >" through article list
-new chunky list style includes comment number

AndroidInside.de is a german webpage all about Android. Daily news around hard - and software and apps as well. We'll offer test reports and Hands-On videos and many more!