Cell Grid Live Wallpaper

Futuristic Live wallpaper inspired by the physical form of A.I. Auntie Dot from Halo Reach and the nexus logo.

Reacts to screen touches, swipes, and performs a unique pattern formation around an icon when dropped on the home screen.Can also be set to show the status of battery through different colors and pulsing animations.

To set as lwp wallpaper:
-Press the menu button (or long press anywhere on your homescreen)
-Choose "Wallpaper"
-Choose "Live Wallpaper"
-Select it from the list.

Changes in 4.0:
+Added Multitouch
+Added random touch ripples option
+Added pulsing background option
+Added shortcut icon
#Added option to disable animations seperately (main animation/main ripple)
-Fixed graphics issue with color picker in >4.0

Changes in 3.9.5:
-Fix default value for battery indicator feature.

Changes in 3.9.4:
+Added option to change color while device is charging
-Fixed color not changing when changing threshold colors (Renac, does this fix your problem? Please email me if it doesn't since I can't respond directly to the user reviews.)

Changes in 3.9.2:
-Fixed bug where animations would only play once when using "Idle Animations" option

Changes in 3.9.1:
+Added a battery battery indicator feature (changes color based on battery level)
+Enabled GPU acceleration for compatible devices (3.0+)
-Fixed edges faintly flickering when large diamond ripple disappears.
-Added an option to fix bug created when using SPB Shell 3D launcher (located in "Advanced Settings")
#Name change

Changes in 3.5:
+Added ripple on finger taps (3 different ripple effects to choose from)
+Added customizable color (not limited to 5 colors anymore)
+Added an extra size (medium)
+Added option to choose a bright or dark background
-Fixed centering on some devices (complete re-work of this part and should get everything perfectly centered for all devices)
#Included option to enable hidden easter egg
#Reorganized settings menu

Changes in 3.0:
+Added option to select large or small(default) sized cells.
+Added longer animations.
+Added optional ripple effect animation.
+Added option to play animations only when screen is idle.
+Added option to change speed of animations.
-Added appropriate themes to device running Android 3.0 and above including the Holo theme to the preference screen for devices running 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above.
#Add additional language: Español

Changes in 2.5:
+Added "Color" option. Colors include Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Default (Blue).
+Added "Animation Delay" setting which allows user to change length of time between animation.
-Icons were incorrect dimensions.

Changes in 2.1:
-Not responsive to touch events in some phones/tablets.

Changes in 2.0:
+Added animations that are not interactive but can be turned off in settings screen.
-Didn't utilize entire screen on tablets.

Changes in 1.2:
-Fixed scaling errors for devices with screens with lower dpi.

Kate Upton Bikini Stare Down

Sexy unofficial live wallpaper with Kate Upton in a bikini staring you down while trying to distract you with her boobs. Probably don't want to use this live wallpaper when you are busy cause you won't be able to get anything done when Kate Upton plays with her sexy bikini and her boobs jiggle.

Settings include:
-Rotation lock.
-Adjusting the size.
-Adjusting fps.

To set this live wallpaper app:
-Press the menu button (or long press anywhere on your homescreen)
-Choose "Wallpaper"
-Choose "Live Wallpaper"
-Select it from the list

Katy Perry Bounce LWP

Unofficial Live wallpaper of Katy Perry bouncing her boobs in her elmo shirt in a SNL skit. Watch as sexy Katy Perry's boobs bounce on your home screen.

Settings include:
-Rotation lock.
-Adjusting the size of wallpaper.
-Adjust FPS.

To set this live wallpaper app:
-Press the menu button (or long press anywhere on your homescreen)
-Choose "Wallpaper"
-Choose "Live Wallpaper"
-Select it from the list.

Critter Face LWP

Create a cute critter wallpaper of your own. A cute, kawaii face appears on your screen and interacts with your touch.

Play music and it will dance along (Tap the screen 4 times for an extra animation). Shake your device and she will get dizzy. It's fully customizable; change the color of the background, the bow, the flower, and the nose. Now add glasses or a funny mustache to your critter. Customize it further by adding your own background image.

New halloween update adds an extra pair of glasses and a new bow accessory.
New Year's update includes 2013 glasses.

Leave suggestions of what you would like to be added to the app in the comments or email please. And don't forget to rate the app, please.

Changes in 4.4
+Added New Year's eyewear

Changes in 4.3
+Added a Santa Hat
-Fixed a crash occuring in devices with Android >4.0

Changes in 4.1.3
+New Halloween BOOO! glasses
+New Ghost Bow with light-up eyes.
Changes in 4.1.2
-Fixed errors in localization strings.

Changes in 4.1
-Fixed errors when images of certain dimensions were used as backgrounds
-Added icon thumbnail for large devices
#Adjusted Settings organization

Changes in 4.0
*Added custom image background! with option to scroll when using multiple home screens.
*Added Mustache.
*Added "Shutter" glasses.
*Added color customization options for glasses, outlines.
*Added option to move flower/bow anywhere. (Move flower/bow while in preview mode)
-Added setting to fix touch detection on devices using SPB Shell 3D launcher. (Found in advanced settings)
-Removed dizzy effect when switching device orientations.
#Re-organized settings screen and changed some settings names.
#Added option to turn off the detection of music playing.

Changes in 3.6
New Feature:
- Added "Galactic Bow/Flower" as an option.

Bug Fix:
- Fixed Nose color being drawn outside the triangle nose border. (Thanks Forest)

Changes in 3.1
New Feature:
- Added "Glasses" as an option.
- Localized to 日本語 and 한국어.

Bug Fix:
- Uses appropriate themes in Android 3.x,4.x

Colors Live Wallpaper

Customize your home screen with this colorful live wallpaper. Select a solid color for each pane in your home screen and watch as each color fades into the next.
Select from the stock color sets or customize your own color palette.

Be part of the app! Tweet @DL_Apps_Dev or make a tumblr post with the tag #colorsLWP a screenshot of your custom palette, give it a name, and I might include it among the pre-made color palettes with a shout-out to you so everyone can see your contribution.

Note: The transition between colors will not work if your home launcher has wallpaper scrolling disabled. To enable it, you can go to your home launcher settings and enable it or install a different home launcher if the one you have does not have the option available.

This paid version includes:
No Ads.
No permissions needed.

Dots Live Wallpaper

Random assortment of colored dots.

Stars Live Wallpaper

Simple live wallpaper with randomly generated stars that spin and shrink away when you tap them.