DroidGamers News

** Please note: If you have any issues after any update, which hopefully no one does, uninstall the app and re-install it for a fresh and clean install. That usually clears everything up. **

Welcome to our official app for our site DroidGamers.com. In this app you can expect to find two different layouts that you can pick to have your DroidGamers news and reviews displayed in. One is the standard list format while the other is a nice, more visual grid pattern.

It also comes with a slew of settings you can use to customize it to your tastes including different fonts, languages, colors, image sizes, notifications, update times and more. Actually there is a ridiculous amount of settings to play with, in a good way of course.

* 2 Different layouts
* Customize it to your liking with different colors, fonts, font sizes, notifications, settings and much more.
* Save articles you like, delete ones you have read
* Share through Facebook and Twitter
* Custom scrollable widget
* All the DroidGamers news and reviews you can handle
* Built-in web browser for visiting the actual site

There is also a handy toolbar at the bottom to sift through articles in order, share them on Facebook and Twitter and a few other options.

If you want to see a article that has more media (images/pictures/video) in it you can just press the Web button and open up our site right in the app itself. The application also comes with a nice little scrollable widget too.

This is a beta version and we plan to bring podcasts into this app in January where you will be able to directly access and listen to our podcast through the app itself.

The permissions this app asks for are simple for the feature it comes with. Location is for serving relevant ads.