DroidSans Thai Keyboard

DroidSans Thai Keyboard is Input Method Framework (IMF) Thai Keyboard for Android 1.5 firmware or upper.

Updated Jun 25, 2010

Developed by Kanatorn @ DroidSans.com

Please note that this package does NOT include Thai fonts.

DroidSans Tweak Tools Lite

Small utility to tweak and make your phone better with cool features!

Key Features:
- Enable Windows Animation
- Enable Transition Animation
- Activate/Deactivate GPRS/EDGE connection

Update v1.1.6
- Force Closed Bug fixed
- Restore Default

Next version with more cool features is coming soon.


DroidSans Tweak Tools

DroidSans Tweak Tools is a root-level utility that provides some cool abilities for your G1 and make your G1 more powerful, for instance, Auto Rotation feature, reboot your phone and etc.

Please Read: "This application works with MODDED RC29, RC30, RC33, RC8 UK and ADP."

Developed by DroidSans.com team


Application for Thai people for updating ThaiFlood news from Twitter #ThaiFlood tag and also show real-time gallery from user.

Thanks Hua Lampong, DroidSans and ThaiFlood.com for all good works

DroidSans Meetings 3

DroidSans Meetings 3 Application