Food Court

Hungry? Looking for your favorite restaurant's nearest location? Wanna checkout menu of the new place you want to try tonight? Looking for contact number of your favorite pizza place?

Well, your search ends here.....Welcome to the 'FOOD COURT', the app with links to the websites of major restaurant chains of USA. This app is your very own food sitopedia with links to the sites of chains such as McDoanld's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Panera and many others serving mexican, chinese, italian, and american food and much more ...

Go eat right every night !!

India Online

India Online, one stop shop for the latest news from India in politics, sports and entertainment as it happens and much more. It provides information about jobs, deals, matrimonial, real-estate, health, travel and the list goes on. India Online makes you feel at home away from home.
This app is compilation of leading newspaper sites and other leading portals and has bit of something for everyone.

Biography - Khans of Bollywood

This app is for all of you who love Bollywood, it's movies, dances, colors and above all their promising stars.

This application lists biography of three famous bollywood stars Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, collectively known as 'Three Khans of Bollywood'.

This app lists all the details about their professional life and touches some aspects of their personal life.

Population Clock

Live population clock of USA and World !!

Biography - Justin Bieber

All you ever wanted to know about Justin Bieber. This app is a biography of 'Justin Bieber', one of the greatest pop singer and teen icon of this generation.

Country n Capital

A great educational tool for kids and adults who want to know about countries, their flags and capitals.

USA Online

USA at your finger tips. It's a site-o-pedia, which helps you find what you are looking for on internet. Be it politics, sports, travel, food and much more....everything is just couple of few clicks away..