Live Spy Camera

Once installed, launch Live Spy Cam from your phone, hide your phone is some secure place and go near your PC.
Also have following things ready for ultimate experience that you and people around you are about to experience.
There is couple of ways to use Live Spy Cam
- First one is using your any preferred web browser
- Second is by using VLC player installed on your PC.

Now, how to use Live Spy Cam with your VLC player, here it is:

1) First off make sure your PC and phone are connected to same WiFi network.
2) Start Live Spy Cam from your phone
3) Open VLC player on your PC and press Ctrl+N, in the dialog box copy following network address: "rtsp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8086/" replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with IP address of your phone.
4) Now its real fun time to experience magic of Live Spy Cam

That’s not it, we have many more settings available with this app to customize the way you require
Switch between Audio/Video streaming or both
Stream quality can be changed like bitrate and framerate
Control your phone camera flash remotely
Switch between rear and front facing camera

Flames Live WallPaper

Flames Live Wallpaper will put live flames on your hands. It will give full HD flames in you home screen as live wallpaper.

How to use : Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers

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