Portal 2 Cores Soundboard

Have 200+ quotes from Portal 2's Corrupted Cores at your fingertips!

Now featuring:
✔ Space Core
✔ Adventure Core
✔ Fact Core
✔ Curiosity Core
✔Songs from both games
✔More sounds coming soon

Each Core features high-quality audio quotes from in-game!
Enjoy hilarious quotes and great music from your favorite Valve game!

Sounds are settable as ringtones and notification sounds! (Pro Users)

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Hidden Auctions - eBay Search

Everyone's favorite Misspelled Item Searcher is back with a new name and a new look!

Looking to buy items well below their usual cost? Hidden Auctions is a one-of-a-kind application in the Google Play Store for finding hidden gems on eBay.

Here's how it works:
✔ Sellers often misspell item names when listing items on eBay
✔ These typos often make it impossible for potential buyers to find and bid on the items
✔ Hidden Auctions automatically searches for common typographical errors on eBay for you, allowing you to bid on items no one else has discovered!
✔ It's free to use, completely complies with eBay's policies, and couldn't be simpler!
✔Search internationally - Hidden Auctions supports 13 countries and remembers which you use
✔Narrow your search to any of 34 categories
✔ Just type the search terms, and Hidden Auctions does the rest!
✔ Hidden Auctions is the ultimate tool to search for listings where the seller got fat fingers!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try! You'll be surprised just how many items you can find on eBay that are hidden by the normal search algorithms!

Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hidden-Auctions/638460289526340

Disclaimer: Hidden Auctions is in no way affiliated with eBay inc. "eBay" (eaby) and the "eBay" logo are registered trademarks of eBay inc.

AccuBatt for Motorola Phones

Finally, a 1% Battery Widget for Motorola Phones! Sure there are other apps that can indicate a Motorola device's battery in 1% levels, but AccuBatt has the best features and abilities!

AccuBatt for Motorola Phones allows your phone to report its battery percentage accurately!

Motorola Phones typically are crippled in that they report battery levels in 10% increments, losing much of the precision of other phones. This application fixes this issue, adding a convenient notification to the phone showing not only a precise and accurate battery levels but also other useful information.

-Reports battery in 1% increments
-Works on practically any Motorola phone
-Displays Temperature, Voltage, and Charging Status
-Fahrenheit / Celsius option
-Notification can be toggled on/off
-Dynamic widget that shows battery level / status
-Multiple Notification color choices
-Ability to upgrade to PRO user status, removing ads and unlocking features!
-ICS Circle Styled Widget option (Pro Users)

Best of all, NO ROOT REQUIRED! This app will run regardless of whether or not you have Root access.

Tested on:
✔Droid RAZR
✔Droid Bionic
✔Droid 2 (II)
✔Droid 2 Global
✔Droid 3
✔Droid 4
✔Droid X
✔Droid X2
✔And more!

App Permissions:

Full Internet access
--used for loading ads

View Network State
--used for loading ads

Control Vibrator
--used for haptic feedback

Automatically Start At Boot
--used to launch the app at boot

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Neon Tic Tac Toe

Introducing the most advanced Tic Tac Toe artificial intelligence on the Google Play Store. Beauty pairs with brawn as the customizable board layout and adaptive AI work together, delivering a stunning Tic Tac Toe experience.

Neon Tic Tac Toe features three dynamic difficulty levels that ensure you'll never bore:
✔Novice: The novice character plays like a beginner, sometimes making mistakes and realistically choosing moves. The novice is great for beginners.
✔Intermediate: The intermediate character rarely makes mistakes, and plays defensively, often blocking your attempts to win.
✔Expert: The expert player almost never makes mistakes, and plays offensively. Adjusting to your play style, the Expert will surprise you with unpredicted traps to win or tie nearly every game!

Unlike many Tic Tac Toe computers, Neon Tic Tac Toe is dynamic and unpredictable. Using ever-changing strategies, each game is unique!

Want to play a friend? Not a problem. Two-player mode features the same adaptable colors and backgrounds with no extra frills to get in the way of your game.

✔Choose from 3 dynamic artificial intelligences of different skill levels
✔Play two-player mode with friends
✔Choose from 4 bright colors for X and O, with more to come in the future
✔Choose from 6 bright colors for the background, with more to come in the future
✔Keep track of your skill with the built-in statistics function, showing wins, losses, ties, and win percentages
✔Beautiful, high-resolution graphics look great on both tablets and phones!

Never have another idle minute! With Neon Tic Tac Toe, you'll always have something to do.

Novem: A Number Puzzle Game

Novem is the deceptively difficult number puzzle game that keeps you coming back for more. People of all ages can challenge themselves to solve the puzzle!

You know the sum of each row and column, but can you figure out where to put all nine numbers? Race against the clock to beat your best score. With over 350,000 unique games, each round is a brand new challenge!