I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.

This App was created to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances. It allows the user to carry all of IWBNIN's free tools with them - budgets, debt freedom date, financial calculators, and savings tips. It includes additional features such as: Top 5 Lists and 18 Ways To Save $1,000 Right Now! When a financial question arises, this App can be used to send the question directly to the IWBNIN team using the "contact" feature.


Pure enables you to answer your own custom made questions on a recurring basis and send the answers to one or more email address you specify, all in a fast and convenient way. It also can remind you when answers are due in the future.

A common use for this application is to assist an existing accountability relationship by making accountability more convenient. In these accountability relationships the user answers the same questions to their accountability partner on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These accountability relationships are effective in breaking addictions to:
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Pornography
- Smoking
- And more . . .

Use Pure for internet browsing integrity on mobile devices where internet browser monitoring or filtering is not possible. Other applications such as x3watch and Covenant Eyes make you uninstall the native browser and lock out the ability to install new applications, otherwise they do not work. Having to do this is just unpractical and too limiting for most users.

Note: If you do not have trouble lying, this application is NOT for you. It is based on honesty and is only a tool for an existing accountability relationship.

Another use for Pure might include a regularly scheduled inspection or checklist.

Pure is designed to be simple and fast.

- Quickly send answers to up to 3 recipients, you can send to more manually
- Write your own yes or no questions, as many as you want
- Schedule frequency
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Quickly and conveniently answer questions with a simple Yes or No single tap answer
- Quickly send answers to any email address with just two taps
- Displays countdown until answers are due again
- Reminder feature will tell you when it's time to answer again in the future

Body Of Christ In Motion

Body of Christ in Motion (BOCIM) is for followers of Jesus Christ to connect with opportunities to serve people in His name, anywhere and on any schedule.
What is your ministry? BOCIM motivates individuals into serving others by being a listing agent for opportunities and offers of service (for ministries and ministering).

Frontier Label

Reorder custom printed labels and stickers quickly and easily.

Check status on orders instantly.

Frontier Label's mobile app is for customers of FrontierLabel.com. To become a customer please visit http://FrontierLabel.com