FlightBriefer Aviation Weather

FlightBriefer allows users to quickly and easily access aviation information such as:
- DUATS access
- TFRs including Report, Raw Text, and Graphics
- Downloadable Airport database for geo-spatial searching and airport detail information including airport map view.
- "QuickQuery" option to turn off geo-spatial searching when not needed/desired (improves lookup performance)
- Text Winds including refined reporting "near" your departure and destination.
- "Nearest" feature allowing airport database searches near your location, your departure and/or your destination. Additionally, ad-hoc searches may be invoked through "long clicks" on any ICAOID text box.
- Prog Chart & SIGWX Images
- AIRMET & SIGMET chart Images
- Winds Aloft forecast images
- CIP/FIP Icing
- Convenient N-number lookup

- For EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. NOT a certified flight tool. Use 1/800/WXBRIEF to obtain OFFICIAL briefings.
- Explore aviation-centric information quickly and easily: DUATS, ADDS, NOTAMS, and TFRs
- Explore fundamental aviation activities such as flight planning
- Look into current weather activity including wind speeds,forecasts and icing
- Learn more about aviation codes and practices

Kindle Fire Users:
Please do not try FlightBriefer on the Kindle Fire - it won't work due to compatibility issues with the Kindle Fire platform. Thanks!